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Jan 19, 2023

Your body doesn't know what it doesn't know.

What I mean by that is that if you introduce a foreign substance, your body's immune system will mount a response – and often, that response can have negative health consequences.

From steroids to even everyday legal compounds, these unrecognizable elements may lead to severe autoimmune disease, gut problems, and cancer. Certain supplements and chemicals can also make you age faster because they interfere with your natural biological processes, temporarily or even permanently altering them.

Dr. Marcos De Andrade, who goes by Dr. De and I met at his facility in Miami called Biohax. The services at Biohax include complete biochemical analyses with panels designed to look at different concerns such as performance, mood, and toxin exposure. Based on those results, the “health magicians” at Biohax apply what they call their “4R Strategy” to remove inflammatory agents, replenish micronutrients, reinoculate your gut, and recover through sleep and therapeutics.

In this discussion with Dr. De, we open up the Liver King controversy (a topic I haven't spoken about on a podcast yet) and we discuss growth hormones, how to regenerate your thymus gland, safe steroids, peptides, muscle building, maintenance, and more. 

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