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Oct 22, 2022

Seth Spears is an adventure-loving entrepreneur, business connector, product designer, podcaster, marketing strategist, and angel investor who loves the great outdoors, world travel, live music, sports, healthy food, strong drinks, intimate conversation, deep connections, and conscious self-improvement.

Also, he's one of my buddies.

The co-founder and CEO of Wellnesse, a B Corp Certified brand of oral, hair, and skincare products, Seth Spears is also the legacy co-founder of, the largest natural living blog, and podcast for women and moms.

Seth’s passion project and side hustle is Rewild Gear, an outdoor equipment company he started with his three brothers whose mission is to encourage men to spend more time in the great outdoors through the design and creation of top-quality knives, fire starters, and cookware while promoting conservation, sustainable product use, and ethical business practices. Rewild's Gasper knife is my favorite for hunting (and we talk more about it in this episode).

Seth is featured in a special chapter of my Boundless Parenting book, for which this podcast interview is part of a series leading up to the official book launch in early 2023. Outside work, Seth is a father of six, an avid outdoorsman, hunter, skier, lover of water activities, live music, Cincinnati Reds baseball, Cincinnati Bengals football, and Kentucky basketball, a perpetual optimizer, and a consummate business connector.

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