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May 31, 2014

Meet Brian Johnson.

Brian Johnson is the Philosopher & CEO of en*theos - a company that Brian describes as "creating cool stuff to help people optimize their lives".

I first met Brian two years ago through my .mp3 player - where I listened to him walk me through 100 of the greatest personal growth books - in about 20 minutes per book, via "The Philosopher's Notes".

Later, Brian and I connected through random chance when I helped him and his wife interpret their WellnessFX blood testing results, and then I began online coaching Brian for muscle gain and fat loss.

As I grew to know Brian, I realized that he has an incredible story, in which he has combined fitness, health, happiness and business success into a very cool package.

He also had some interesting characteristics, such as: -He never sent e-mail. Ever. -He never said anything negative. Ever. -And he is a very unique combination of self-quantified biohacker, philosopher, CEO and family man.

On this podcast, Brian shares with you his story, and his biggest keys to achieving the ultimate combination of fitness, health, happiness and business success. Resources In This Episode:

-"The Philosopher's Notes"

-My Entheos class: "REV The Human Machine"

-How to Meditate Without Moving To The Himalayas (free class)

-Longevity Tea

-Phenocane / curcumin anti-inflammatory


-Coaching with Ben and his team

-Finding Joe DVD documentary

If you have questions, comments or feedback for Brian or me about how to achieve the ultimate combination of fitness and happiness, then leave your thoughts at!