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Dec 27, 2014

I was a bit jet-lagged, tired and slightly below my desired cognitive capacity prior to hopping on stage this year to speak at the Bulletproof Biohacking conference.

So as I wandered through the expo, I thought to myself - why not try a new-fangled smart drug I haven't tried before? As you'd probably suspect, that's not something I advise to do prior to getting on stage in front of hundreds of people, but I occasionally live life on the wild side, so I grabbed a handful of some stuff called "CILTEP" (which is basically a mix of artichoke extract and forskolin), washed it down with a glass of water, and then gave my presentation. I did not get sick, vomit, or die, and things went pretty well during the presentation. I also got an email a few weeks later from the folks at NaturalStacks (the developers of CILTEP) asking me if I'd like to interview their co-founder Roy Krebs, who is a former college football player, an ex-sushi chef, and is now in charge of helping to develop smart drugs and designed strategies for hard-charging individuals to mentally dominate cognitive tasks. Roy sounded like a fascinating guy, so I said yes.

And now you get to listen in to our discussion, during which I ask Roy: -How does one become a developer and designer of smart drugs? -What is your approach to developing a smart drug? -What are your top strategies for people to dominate cognitive tasks? -What's the best way to get things done faster: routine or randomness? -Do you use to-do lists, or do you just "flow"? -I've heard you're into sensory deprivation and float tanks. What's the best way to use those?

Resource we discuss in this episode: -CILTEP -FocusAtWill -RescueTime -Inversion Table -Marinara Timer for Pomodoro Technique -Float Seattle Do you have questions, comments or feedback about CILTEP, thinking faster, enhancing cognitive performance or anything else that Roy and I discuss? Leave your thoughts