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Oct 30, 2021

I experience what many people would covet as an amazing life.

But I've got news for you. I'm not happy.

After 20 years realize my own mistake of beating up the body, expecting it to bounce back, and thinking that was true fitness.

None of this is fulfilling.

My friend Jay Shetty is a highly influential content producer. One of the top podcasts in the world. Learn with over 2 Million Students worldwide that have taken one of Jay’s free online courses on success, habits and purpose. Jay Shetty’s Genius is your life-long partner in well-being. Enjoy exclusive video workshops and meditations, recorded live each week

I was down in LA and had a chance to swing by his place, we had a fantastic chat. We talked about physical, emotional, and mental presence, fitness, sleep, water, the inability to disentangle bodily and spiritual fitness, and more.

Last time I hung out with Jay Shetty we were eating amazing five-star Sardinian food at MindValley University. I met Jay and Vishen Lakhiani introduced us, it was three years ago and finally, on the other side of the world we get together. Sardinia is known as a longevity hotspot.  (Next trip to Italy will be with my twin boys.)

Jay says he owes everything to the lessons he learned as a monk, whether it's finding your purpose, managing negativity, building real confidence, or overcoming your fears.

In this discussion with Jay Shetty, you'll discover:

-Jay Shetty and Ben catch up on time shared together, Blue Zones, and more..

-Sleep hygiene, light discipline, and mindfulness of circadian rhythms...

-That time in the distant past that Ben didn't feel Boundless...

-Where we go wrong when it comes to changing habits...

-And much more!

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