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Sep 24, 2022

My inspiring and intriguing guest on today's show - the great Dr. John Lieurance of Mitozen - is someone I consider to be the "Dr. Strange" of the medical and biohacking world.

A naturopath and chiropractic neurologist at Advanced Rejuvenation and Ultimate Cellular Reset, author of Melatonin: Miracle Molecule, and crazy mad scientist formulator behind MitoZen, John is my friend and trusted medical adviser.

Dr. Lieurance and I recently announced the official launch of a brand new event that I'll be speaking at entitled Elements of Vitality, in Sarasota, Florida, taking place on Friday, December 2nd. The event is based on the premise of turning to the elements of air, light, water, and earth to overhaul and optimize full body, mind, and spirit health, including harnessing the magnetic healing frequencies of earth, benefiting from the power of photonic light and the sun, properly using potent oxygen therapies and ozone, how to create deeper hydration with water, and much more.

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