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Oct 17, 2019

For the past three years, I've been tirelessly toiling behind the scenes to create the book I've personally always wished existed: a complete guide to optimizing the human body, mind, and spirit—written with no stone unturned, no fluff, no “watered down” drivel—just pure, hardcore, practical, from-the-trenches content. I won't lie: nearly every big New York publishing house turned me down for this book.

It was too big. (The completed manuscript was over 1100 pages, and we trimmed it down to 608 pages for the final release.)

It was too comprehensive. (It wasn't a flash-in-the-pan, pop-culture, buy-it-at-your-airport-bookstore read that someone could get through in a few days then toss and move on.)

It was too edgy. (After all, I cover everything from the energy medicine to enemas to crazy sex tips to psychedelics and far beyond.)

But nonetheless, I decided to plow forward and write a book that I personally wanted to read and that I've always wanted to write: a big, beautiful, hardcover blueprint that anyone could rely on for years as a cookbook for all things performance, fat loss, digestion, brain, sleep, sex, spirit, happiness, anti-aging, longevity, and much more.

(Heck, just the section on longevity covers every molecule in existence that can maximize your lifespan, and is over 173 pages alone!)

I call the final result “Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging,” and you can consider it to be the last book you'll ever need to unlock unparalleled breakthroughs in performance, recovery, sleep, gut health, hormone balance, and much more.

In this podcast, Angelo Keely, a former podcast guest you can listen to here and the founder and CEO of Kion, puts me in the hotseat and we reveal a ton of the tips from the book, including hacks, tricks and strategies for longevity, sleep, jet lag, the immune system, fat loss, fasting and beyond.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-Why Ben wrote Boundless [6:30]

  • "A book I've always wanted to write, and to read"
  • Brain, Body, Spirit optimization
  • Beyond Training was largely body focused, but didn't get into brain, spirit, anti-aging components

-Who the book is for [10:15]

  • Anyone who wants optimal energy all day long
  • Give ideal combination of lifespan and health span
  • Written based off personal experiences, podcast guest experiences, etc.
  • It's not meant for quick consumption

-Why Ben wrote the book the way he did and how a reader should go about consuming it [16:15]

  • It's a blend of time in the trenches and well-researched science
  • Web page for each chapter; references, podcasts, etc.
  • "This book is more of a treasure," something you can explore for months and months

-Ben explains the training and diet plans in the book [20:45]

  • Training plans:
    • Beginner: max fitness w/ minimum effective dose of exercise
    • Intermediate: Add a sauna session w/ breath work, cold soak or swim
    • Advanced: Add biohacks (cold thermogenesis gear, holotropic breath work, etc.)
  • There's no one diet that's perfect for everyone, but there are some commonalities among diets:
    • Regular periods of intermittent fasting
    • Low amount of inflammation
    • Periods of fasting and feasting
    • Detox throughout the year
    • Multi-colored plants and spices
  • Diet plans in Boundless:
    • Beginner: Clean up protocol; choose what diet will jump start the body
    • Intermediate: Wahls Protocol, Plant Paradox diet, low carb Mediterranean
    • Advanced: Weston A. Price protocol, paleo diet, ancestral diet
    • Travel: Eating healthy on the go
  • The book is written to allow the reader to determine what is best for their own body, rather than prescribing a solution

-A brief overview of the 200+ page chapter on anti-aging and longevity [35:00]

-Ben's approach to weight loss [46:00]

  • Three steps:
    • Overnight fast
    • Morning cardio in the fat-burning zone
    • Cold shower or cold therapy
  • Supplements to increase conversion of white fat to brown fat

-The best way to read and consume the book [53:25]

-Hacks for the brain found in Boundless [58:10]

  • Peptide sequences
  • How to "eat yourself smart"
    • Book: Super Fuel
    • Glycine and Spirulina can protect your brain from effects of canola oil

-New hacks for travel [1:06:30]

  • Grounding and earthing
    • Ultimate Longevity
    • BGF podcast w/ Clint Ober
    • Grounding mat
  • Xeno hormesis
    • Astragalus
    • Rhodeola
    • Kion Tian Chi
  • Decreasing inflammation
    • Glutathione before and after travel (Alms Bio)
    • Hydrogen water tablets (Quicksilver, Water and Wellness)
    • Ketones
  • Nose unblocking exercise:
    • Pinch nose w/ fingers
    • Inhale and hold breath (Do while walking for best results)
    • As soon as you need to take a breath, inhale through the nose

-Tips for immune system health [1:17:30]

-And much more...

Resources from this episode:

- Click here to pre-order Ben Greenfield's new book "Boundless" now and to get in on the Boundless Sweepstakes!

- BGF podcasts mentioned:

- Quicksilver

- Water and Wellness

- John Douillard's LifeSpa 

- Book: The Longevity Diet by Dr. Walter Longo

- Book: Undoctored by William Davis

- Bio Gaia L Reuteri

- Oregano Oil (KION)

- Beekeeper's Naturals Bee Propolis 

- Colostrum

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