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Jan 30, 2021

In this special episode of the podcast, recorded live at Ben's house in Spokane, Washington, Ra Optics founder and light/circadian rhythm expert Matt Maruca interviews Ben Greenfield. Ben takes you along his 8 year brick-and-mortar journey in the world of fitness and why he eventually switched into writing, speaking, consulting, and podcasting. He discusses his experiences since starting the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast 12 years ago to what the world of podcasting offers now.



Matt and Ben talk about ancestral health and Ben shares whether he sees their small footprint making its way to the mainstream route anytime soon. Ben expresses why he recently began managing his daily information consumption through a quality over quantity perspective. Finally, Matt and Ben dive into the idea of finding true fulfillment through spirituality.



You'll hear about Ben’s experiments with the magical butter machine and ketamine, the light diet in its spiritual form, how Ben created a name for himself in the fitness world and his podcasting journey over the last 12 years, whether this small ancestral health footprint go mainstream, what fascinates Ben most about natural living, how we make the most impact on this planet, why outsourcing eliminates information overwhelm and the perspective of quality over quantity, spirituality through the lens of the hero’s journey and much more.



In my conversation with Matt, you'll discover:

-How Ben began the interview with Matt on a truly high note...07:15





-The light diet in its spiritual form...12:40



-Who is Ben Greenfield?...14:15





-Ben's podcasting and immersive journalist path over the last 12 years...27:45





-Will this small ancestral health footprint go mainstream?...32:30





-What Ben thinks is the most fascinating part of "natural living"...40:50





-How to know where to put your focus in a world of information overload...47:15





-Why Ben is a Christian...1:09:45





-Where to start your holistic path...1:26:50





-And much more...