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Oct 28, 2021

Darren Doane is a filmmaker, actor, and music video director who has produced and edited projects for a client list that includes Toyota, Hurley/Nike, Saatchi & Saatchi, Atlantic Records, JBL and Universal Records. He started his early music video work with Ken Daurio and directed several early Blink-182 music videos, as well as two live action short film adaptations of the Malibu Comics superheroes Hardcase (a six-minute music video style promo starring British kickboxer Gary Daniels) and Firearm (a 35-minute-long movie which served as a prequel to the actual comic, and came as a VHS packaged alongside specially ordered copies of the comic's #0). In fact, in Hardcase #1 there's a single panel in-joke referencing a "D. Doane" as being the director of "Hardcase: The Movie."

Darren is also a new friend of mine, and we've not only been hanging out and recording a few quite epic videos that I have a hunch you'll enjoy (think cooking and food porn on steroids!), but on a recent foray of mine to my old haunting grounds in Moscow, Idaho, we also sat down at the ungodly hour of 7am at his home recording studio inside a giant shipping container recorded a bit of a "random show" episode for you. This wild free-for-all discussion includes stem cells in the d*ck, microdosing plant medicines, Splenda, amino acids, Levitical priests, weight loss, content creation and adult slurpees from Starbucks. Buckle in for this one!

Here's a small taste of what you'll hear in this episode.

(Remember, extensive show notes for this and each episode of the show can be found on the Ben Greenfield Fitness website...)

-Ben and Darren talk about childhood, healthy development into adulthood...

-How Ben manages success without being an a-hole...

-How to do gimmicky-looking things without giving it excessive hype...

-Why that caramelized, high-sugar, foo-foo coffee drink is basically an adult Slurpee...

And much more!

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