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May 6, 2023

One of the leading voices on birthing and raising a baby naturally, along with plenty of other holistic principles for Ob-Gyn medicine, is my guest on this podcast: Dr. Nathan Riley, of Beloved Holistics.

Nathan is a board-certified obstetrician in Kentucky advocating for autonomous birth. Through his experiences as a hospice care provider he learned that choices around end-of-life care are no different from choices in birth: What matters is that mothers feel in charge of their bodies during their birth experiences.  He argues that birth is much more than the standard metrics of vital signs, length of labor, fetal status, or any variable routinely measured in labor in the medical model of care.

Nathan also recently launched his "Born Free Method," a course aimed at empowering expectant parents to take control of their birthing experience by making informed choices and advocating for themselves within the medical system. Joined by co-instructor Sara Rosser, CPM, Nathan's course provides guidance and support to help parents feel confident and supported as they navigate the transition into parenthood, emphasizing the importance of personal sovereignty and self-determination throughout the process (use code BEN10 to save 10% on the Born Free Method).

Hear one courageous OB's perspective on his role in the birth process: Supporting your sovereignty and your choice without coercion or judgment. Finally, listen to the end of this podcast for a thought-provoking discussion on plant medicines and entheogens!

Full Show Notes:
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