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Nov 26, 2022

Patrick and Laurie Gentempo are dear friends of mine, superstar parents, world-changers, philosophers, entrepreneurs and a featured couple in my upcoming Boundless Parenting book.

Their parenting habits were incredibly unique, including a "Wakeup Lounge", during which their kids would get up in the morning, come into the family room, sit in a comfy chair or couch with a warm blanket with a log on the fire, meditative music on in the background, incense burning, and a warm drink in hand. It’s an environment of peace and harmony where they start the day together. Sometimes they’ll talk about the day. This goes on for 20-40 minutes, passing from sleep to the waking state, ready to start the day from a harmonious proactive state as compared to jolting into action and flying out the door with stress.

They believe travel is the best education we can give our children and they have taken their own kids all over the world, based on the idea that experiencing other languages and cultures and landscapes broadens their thinking and actions and bonds a family through having those experiences together.

The Gentempo's thrive on certain parenting premises, such as...

  • No child was ever made good by telling them how bad they are.
  • One of the best things parents can do for their children is love each other.
  • Children learn more by example than by words.
  • How a child starts their day is critical.
  • Family rituals are a building block of a child’s adult life.
  • The most important education a child gets is outside of school.
  • Self-esteem and self-confidence are job one.
  • Integrity must be consistently on display.

These are great parents, and we get into these concepts and many others on this podcast.


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