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Feb 27, 2020

Paul Saladino is back. The CarnivoreMD, after originally appearing on my show in the episodes...

- Everything You Need to Know About the Carnivore Diet

- Carnivore Diet, Cleaning Out Your Colon, Eating Brains, Hunting Zebras & Much More

...has just put the finishing touches on his new book The Carnivore Code, and graciously agreed to record an epic solosode for my listeners in which he delves into all the questions you asked him in the comments section after our first couple episodes together.

Prepare for a complete carnivore education, including:

-How Paul defines the carnivore diet...5:42

  • It's a diet that emphasizes and focuses on animal foods
  • The majority of our nutrients comes from animal foods
  • Aware of plant toxicity; minimal (or no) plant matter
  • The best place for vitamins and minerals is animals, with the exception of Vitamin C
  • "Nose to tail" idea
  • Most toxic plant foods:
    • Grains, legumes, nuts, seeds
    • Seeds are highly defended by the plants; high levels of toxicity
    • Most leafy greens are toxic for humans
    • High oxalate foods - almonds, root veggies
  • Moderately toxic:
    • High fructose foods: honey, berries
    • Sweet potatoes, other sweet tubers and roots
  • Least toxic:
    • Avocados, olives, squash
  • Ben's cronometer of his daily diet
  • A carnivore diet is not simply muscle meat
    • Nose to tail
    • Includes bones, marrow, cartilage
  • Carnivore diet is a "soft" keto diet
  • 1:1 ratio (1 gram of protein per pound of body weight)

-How the carnivore diet affects athletic performance...17:25

-How to get adequate iodine while on the carnivore diet...29:30

  • Redmond Sea Salt (from the ground in Utah)
    • No microplastics
    • 10 g of Redmond has 150 mcg of iodine (equivalent to the RDA)
  • Red meat
  • Egg yolks (100 mcg w/ 4 egg yolks)
  • Don't take too much iodine

-Whether the entire global population could be on a carnivore diet...32:45

  • Is the current agricultural system working?
    • Currently U.S. system is mono crop agriculture (nutrient depletion, no animals to replenish nutrients)
    • Just plants on land is "feed lot feeding" of plants
  • Regenerative agriculture (ecosystem feeding)
  • Grass feeding and finishing is the optimal situation
  • Regenerative agriculture is carbon negative
  • White Oak Pastures is a good example of regenerative agriculture
  • Multiple species on the same lot reduces parasite presence
  • The current agriculture system is unsustainable

-Why the stressor of eating plants is different from a "good" stressor like exercise...42:09

  • Plant molecules are plant pharmaceuticals
  • Plant and human biochemistry and mutually dependent
  • There is no "package insert" of side effects that comes when eating plants
  • Paul's first podcast w/ Ben talked about "collateral damage" in plants
  • Plants ameliorate symptoms, not treating the root cause
  • Glutathione levels in cold water study
  • We don't need sulforaphane to get adequate glutathione
  • If we live a "radical lifestyle" of environmental hormetics, we don't need the plant molecules
  • Studies referenced:

-How the carnivore diet activates pathways in our bodies...54:50

-Do PH levels reach acidic levels on the carnivore diet?...1:13:36

-IGF and mTOR when it comes to the carnivore diet...1:26:32

-Is the carnivore diet a concern for Alzheimers?...1:30:57

-What about doing a carnivore diet w/ FTO mutations and are an over methylator?...1:42:28

  • Saturated fats come from mislabeled trans fats or junk food
  • People who eat animal products eat more healthy saturated fats
  • Epidemiology can only produce hypotheses
  • Paul's typical daily diet:
    • 16 oz. grass fed organic steak
    • 85 g of suet mixed w/ homemade bone broth
    • 4-5 egg yolks w/ a generous serving of salt
    • For dinner: all of the above, plus liver, brain, heart, suet w/ bone broth and salt
  • There are no over or under methylators
  • Get riboflavin from organ meats and heart (need 2-3 mg per day)

-What do Paul's lab results look like?...1:50:00

  • LDL-HDL levels
  • No correlation between HDL when LDL rises and cardiovascular disease
  • The higher the LDL, the longer we live (provided we're insulin sensitive)

-Rapid fire questions...1:53:54

  • How long should you do the carnivore diet before you know of its efficacy?
    • No "cheat days" - don't reward yourself w/ bad food
    • Carnivore diet benefits is from an immunological perspective
    • Minimum 60 day reset is advocated in the book
  • Are chicken and eggs okay on the carnivore diet?
    • Info that says animal products are low in Vitamin K count only Vitamin K1; they are high in Vitamin K2
    • Eggs are fine; Paul prefers the yolks only
  • What parts of the animal should you not eat?
    • The adrenals
  • Does Paul take supplements?
    • None at the moment
  • Would a woman need time to adapt to the carnivore diet?
  • Is the carnivore diet advisable for pregnancy, breast feeding or children?

-Phospholipid forms of DHA w/ the carnivore diet...2:01:48

  • We get phospholipids from our food
  • Paul is not a fan of omega 3 supplementation (they're highly oxidized)

-Do cruciferous vegetables cause hypothyroidism?...2:05:23

-And much more!

Resources from this episode:

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-White Oak Pastures

-Ben's new album, Rocky Roots

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