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Aug 17, 2019

Since releasing a previous podcast episode about peptides, I've received a ton of questions about them, including:

-What's the best way to store peptides and for how long are they stable?

-What's the most updated anti-aging peptide stack?

-What's the best nootropic or cognition enhancing peptide formula?

-Can peptides be used to slow or stop hair loss?

-What's the unique peptide that stops gas and bloating in its tracks?

So on today's podcast I have two guests.

The first guest, Dr. William Seeds is a leading researcher and educator in the field of peptides. He is a Medical Doctor board certified in Orthopedic Surgery, Sports Medicine. Anti Aging and Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Seeds provides this leading edge care at the world renowned Spire Institute, Olympic Training Center in Geneva, Ohio.

He has treated athletes from all over the world, helping them compete on the playing field and fulfill their dreams of winning gold metals. As a consultant for ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, he enables their dancers to stay competitive and recapture their careers after injury. Dr. Seeds is the Medical Director for the New Initiative of Regenerative Medicine at the NFL's Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio Dr. Seed's passion is bringing Peptide Medicine to the forefront as treatment of all major disease processes, traumatic injuries as well as Mental, Addiction and pain disorders.

As a researcher of peptide therapy protocols for over 25 years Dr. Seeds Founded and Chairs the International Peptide Society. The only Organization with Certification and Fellowship Training in Peptide Therapies. This academic medical society leads the forefront as the Authority in Peptide practices and is the leader in Education for Physician, and health care providers.

Mr. Jeremy Delk, my other guest, has been a successful entrepreneur for over a decade, with a keen eye for innovative new products, technologies and unexploited market niches. Mr. Delk utilized the financial acumen he learned in the financial sector with Fidelity Investments, while working in both Boston and NYC, to incorporate Delk Enterprises in 2002. With the growth of Delk Enterprises, Mr. Delk made the decision to move back to his native Kentucky focusing on the growth of his company, which includes the peptides arm Tailor Made Compounding.

Over time, Mr. Delk expanded Delk Enterprises from primarily a real estate holdings firm to a diversified private equity portfolio including equity holdings in animal health, sports medicine, human health care, pharmacy & creating access to future IP through strategic investments in technology and human health R&D initiatives. Today positively disrupting healthcare through portfolio companies and other strategic investments is where his primary focus lies.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-Just what is a peptide, exactly...7:45

  • Natural signaling agent made up of amino acids, sequences, chains, etc.
  • Reproduces what the body already knows to do in signaling, neurotransmitters, hormones, enzymes, etc.
  • Maintain a state of neutrality in a cell
  • "We can find the pathways involved in cellular progression into generation, and change it by isolating the signaling agents that aren't working and induce it via a peptide"
  • "Cells are intelligent; we're just giving it the ability to show its intelligence"
  • Impacting neurodegenerative disease, diabetes, autoimmune dysfunction and more
  • Peptides are not new; what's new is the ability to hold the peptide in the system and pinpoint the synthesis in the cells
  • The lack of intellectual property protection causes some hesitancy among pharmaceutical companies to proceed full speed ahead on peptide R&D

-How peptides can be used for an anti-aging protocol...14:20

  • "Aging is a disease, the #1 risk factor for everything..."
  • Cells have different receptors to detect problems (infection, environmental stressor, etc.)
  • Cell can organize itself and take on the adaptive stress
  • Allostatic load: Wear and tear on the body as it is exposed to repeated or chronic stress
  • Phenotype: The composite of the organism's observable characteristics or traits
  • True senescent state: The condition in which cells change their phenotype
  • Autophagy: The natural, regulated mechanism of the cell that removes unnecessary or dysfunctional components.
  • Certain peptides can naturally upregulate cellular autophagy, thus slowing down the aging process

-Which peptides should the consumer consider for an anti-aging protocol...21:05

  • It will vary depending on the individual
  • A cell is like a see-saw: AMPK and mTOR
    • AMPK gives the cell energy (calorie restriction and intermittent fasting)
    • mTOR builds the cell back up
    • If mTOR is always going, you can't have autophagy
  • MOTS-c is a "magic bullet" for autophagy
    • Corrects metabolic imbalances
    • Improves metabolic flexibility of muscle
  • FOX04 induces a cell into apoptosis; specific to senescent cells (cell directive)
  • The protocol and schedule for each peptide will vary on the state and health of the user
  • MOTS-c works by downregulating Glycogen synthase kinase 3 (GSK-3)
    • If you can control GSK-3, you can control a great deal of disease processes in a cell
  • Humanin is a mitochondrial derived peptide in the same category as MOTS-c; it has specific functions in the body when used
    • Human in slightly more complicated in determining the dosage and mode of injection than MOTS-c
  • Is there a protocol that would alternate MOTS-c, FOX04 and Humanin?
    • Yes, but be aware of what mechanisms you're improving and what you're slowing down

-The peptide Ben recently discovered to help with SIBO and gut stability...45:15

  • LL37 was discussed on Super Human Radio w/ Carl Lanore
  • LL37 can be very powerful, but also the wrong thing to use
    • The gut can go very well or very wrong
    • It only works if we have all the bacteria we should all have working for us
    • If you're feeding the gut the right nutrients, the microbes make short-chain fatty acids
    • The gut produces its own LL37 when its functioning properly
    • LL37 can induce discomfort and nausea if used to fight SIBO

-How to best inform one's self on the proper use of peptides...52:00

-Peptide protocols to use for hair loss...58:45

    • Used to affect suppression of Wnt/β-catenin pathway
    • Upregulate the pathway that rescues the stem cell from being suppressed
  • Thymosin-Beta 4 (TB4) goes after senescent cells that affect interleukin 1 beta
    • TB500 is a generic form of TB4
  • GHK-Cu
  • Valproic acid
  • Microderm abrasion

-Peptide stacks that are good for memory and cognition...1:05:25

  • FGL puts microglial cells into a quiescent state
  • FGL improves already normally functioning memory; a sign it's on the right track
  • Neuro inflammation is a big problem in the current day and age of busyness, lack of sleep, etc.
  • Dihexa upregulates brain-derived neurotropic factors
    • Can change a pro-inflammatory microglial cell into an anti-inflammatory one
    • It's applied topically

-Facts around ghrelin and the GHS-R1a and GHS-R1b and how it effects dosing of the GH secretagogues...1:12:05

-And much more!

Resources from this episode:

-My previous peptides podcast with Jean Francois Tremblay

-Dr. Seed's Oral BPC-157 (use code BEN for 15% off )

-The International Peptide Society

-Super Human Radio w/ Carl Lanore

-NYT Article: At the Heart of a Vast Doping Network, an Alias

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Do you have questions, thoughts or feedback for Jeremy, Dr. Seeds or me? Leave your comments below and one of us will reply!