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Mar 24, 2022

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  • Doctors slam influencers for ingesting fish tank cleaner to fight aging and MEDICAL EXPERT ISSUES WARNING ABOUT FISH TANK DISINFECTANT CRAZE...01:53
  • Beyond Probiotics: 3 Powerful Tools For Healing The Gut Biome by @KeenanEriksson in @bttrhumans....15:08
  • What happens when you eat pure gluten powder, but are also following low FODMAP diet (hint: unless you have celiac disease, it's the FODMAPs, not the gluten, than is likely responsible for gut "issues")...28:30
  • If you're on a low FODMAP diet and experiencing constipation, try a non-fermentable form of fiber thrown in: (they used sugarcane in the study, but I think chia seed slurry works quite well)...31:51
  • Worms to the rescue for sustainable protein for muscle growth and maintenance.... Who's in?...45:00
  • Lemon juice is a cheap hack to lower your blood glucose after a meal...53:07

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Q: Tips for healing an injured hand, after having tried everything under the sun...57:05

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