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Dec 31, 2020

News Flashes – Follow Ben on Twitter for more…

  • This study found that a combination of colostrum and probiotics is more effective in preventing flu than vaccination! [06:25]
    • And this study found colostrum alone at least 3 times more effective than vaccination to prevent flu and is very cost-effective [08:54]
  • Interesting approach to a COVID vaccine...seems relatively natural - passive immunity by immunoglobulin transfer [10:45]
    • Another model/mechanism of action for colostrum/COVID here [12:30]
  • Interesting...The most effective anti-COVID medicine in one recent analysis was…melatonin [15:20]

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Listener Q&A:

Is Nut Oil & Fish Oil Oxidized, Rancid Or Bad For You?...25:22

Grace from Australia asks: I've been hearing a lot about the dangers of polyunsaturated fats lately, particularly in regards to how they oxidize easily, which could create cellular damage. Does this mean I should avoid regular consumption of nuts and fatty fish? I know that in nuts, the antioxidant properties of vitamin E could offset this oxidative damage, but vitamin E is also susceptible to light and heat.

In my response, I recommend:

Can You Get Benefits From Sunlight In The Winter?...41:00

Taylor asks: I wanted to start by saying your podcast is absolutely incredible and it has changed the way that I view health and longevity. My question for you today is regarding sunlight. I live in the Midwest and typically in late October is when the UVB starts to decline. However, I was wondering if there is still benefit to getting out in the light, even without a shirt on. I know that sounds crazy in the winter months, but please let me know what your thoughts are on this, and thank you so much.

In my response, I recommend: 

14 Ways To Find Balance In Your Life...50:35

Jake asks: Hey, Ben, my name is Jake and I was just wondering how you find balance. I personally struggle trying to find balance in my financial, physical, mental, and spiritual health. How do you find the time? Thanks.

In my response, I recommend:

  1. Eat the frog first, whatever that is for you
  2. Create, not consume while using screens
    • YouTube to mp3 converter app
  3. All push notifications OFF
    • Kegel camp app
  4. Only one major meal per day
  5. Batch cooking
    • PowerXL Pressure Cooker
    • Good Crockpot
    • Joule Sous Vide Wand
    • Traeger Grill
  6. Split the day in two with a nap
    • NUCalm (w/ th 30 minute reboot function)
  7. Walk a LOT (and listen to audiobooks, podcasts, etc. while walking)
  8. Always be reading/learning (Kindle WhisperSync)
  9. Evernote synced across all devices (e.g. as outlined here) - use a simple text file to capture, organize, and ultimately clarify all relevant information during administrative blocks — leaving your brain free to execute.
  10. Ruthlessly outsource
  11. Calendar every Sunday evening (Google cal or Busy cal)
  12. Be in touch with God at all times
    • Book: Practicing His Presence
  13. Accept seasons in life of harder work (e.g. 16-18 hour work days)
  14. Work hard, rest hard (e.g. Sabbath)
  • Recommended Books:
    • Art of Less Doing 
    • 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss
    • Time Rich 
    • Deep Work by Cal Newport