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Feb 11, 2023

Five years ago and then a second time six months ago, I traveled to Park City, Utah, where I underwent the most advanced, comprehensive biohacking procedures for longevity that, to my knowledge at least, currently exists. I literally had almost every joint in my body injected with stem cells, from toe to head, and then several organs, too, including my skin and genitals. Don't laugh ...

No surprises here: the effects were pretty profound for me, including notably faster workout recovery (as in, almost immediate recovery from soul-crushing workouts), getting sick less, a somewhat more youthful appearance (reduction of wrinkles, greater hair volume, darker hair coloration, etc.), shockingly improved sexual performance, particularly for erection firmness and size...pretty much everything else I wanted out of the procedure.

It's one of the most cutting-edge forays into self-experimentation I've ever had performed on my body, and it's called a Full Body Stem Cell Makeover®. The procedure was designed by Dr. Harry Adelson and Dr. Amy Killen of the Docere Clinics®, and what it entailed was injecting my entire body with my own stem cells.

A special variant of this procedure is making stem cell therapy available to a much wider base of people through a new clinic and a tithing program. You'll learn more about the background and history of stem cell therapy, the latest on musculoskeletal pain and longevity, and the future of stem cell treatments. 


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