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Mar 16, 2019

Jack Dorsey dropped out of college to start Twitter, and is now a billionaire businessman. He is the CEO of Twitter, CEO & Chairman of Square, and a co-founder of both.

But what most people don't know about Jack is his keen interest in all things fitness, nutrition and health. So in today's episode we dive into Jack's daily routine, diet, stress management strategies, workout and fitness habits, and much more.

In this interview, you'll discover...

-The 3 core ways Jack handles the tremendous amount of stress he deals with in his life and work...6:45

  • Vipassana meditation (10:10)
    • 10 day "retreat"
    • No reading, writing, devices
    • No talking, no eye contact
    • 2 meals a day; wake at 4; meditate 4:30 am thru 9 pm
    • Vegetarian diet; can't eat after noon
    • Primary objective: Being in control of your reactions
  • Exercise and sleep (16:53)
    • Walk 5 miles to work (in 1 hour 15 minutes)
    • Listen to podcasts, audio books
    • Walk in the sun
    • Work from home Tuesday and Thursday
    • 1-3 iterations of the 7-Minute Workout every day
      • Seven workout app
      • VT Body Weight app
    • Tabata sets on a stationary bike
    • Hyperwear Vest
    • Book: Body by Science by Doug McGuff and John R. Little
    • Sauna and cold
      • Clearlight Sauna
      • Barrel sauna and ice bath
      • Near infrared sauna (Sauna Space)
      • "Nothing has given me mental confidence like going from room temperature into the cold."
      • No more hot showers
    • Jack prefers walking over running: more predictable, less stress on the body
  • Diet (35:56)
    • The only supplement Jack takes is a multivitamin and lots of Vitamin C
    • Learn to make your own medicine (meditation, sleep, etc.) before delving into supplements
    • Technology is a "crutch"
    • Jack was vegan for 2 years
      • Didn't understand the diet
      • Mom told him he was "orange" - way too much beta kerotene
    • Switched to paleo diet for one year
    • Listened to lots of Wim Hof podcasts (2 years ago)
      • One meal per day: 6:30-8:30
      • Drink red wine
      • 28 oz. of water in the morning
      • Drink water all day long
      • Take vitamin with dinner
      • Protein, greens, mixed berries and dark chocolate for dessert
      • Eat at home as much as possible

-Other facets of Jack's health and fitness regimen...49:45

  • Self-quantification: Oura Ring
  • Fast Friday evening thru Sunday evening
  • Hormesis; autophagy based
  • Desires to do a Spartan race someday
  • Pros and cons of working out with other people
  • My podcast on free diving
  • Jack was extremely shy as a kid
    • Took a speech class; improv and speak on a topic you know nothing about
    • Pushed him out of his comfort zone
  • Journaling since age 14 - end of day

And much more...

Resources from this episode:

-Jack's twitter account

-New York Times Seven Minute Workout

-"Seven" Workout App

-"VT" Bodyweight App

-Hyperwear Vest

-Book: Body By Science by Doug McGuff and John R. Little

-Infrared sauna - Use code BEN for $500 off

-Ben's article on how to build your own cold tub

-Athletic Greens

-Ben's podcast on "Ancestral Wisdom vs. Modern Science"

-Ben's podcast with Ray Cronise

-My podcast with Todd White of Dry Farm Wines in which we discuss "one-meal-a-day"

-The Oura ring - Use Greenfieldoura for $50 off

-My podcast with Ted Harty on freediving

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