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Jul 25, 2020

It's time for a serious geek out on all things ketones, ketosis, ketone esters and more!





My guest on today's show, Geoffrey Woo, is co-founder and CEO of H.V.M.N. — Health via Modern Nutrition. He is also the host of the Health Via Modern Nutrition Podcast, a health & performance podcast that recently broke 4 million downloads. H.V.M.N. helped popularize ketones as a food group beyond fats, proteins, and carbohydrates and makes foods & supplements for metabolic performance and health.




H.V.M.N. fuels some of the world's top performers, athletes, and military service members. Geoff is an avid self-experimenter who’s done a 7 day water-only fast, inspired thousands under the COVID-19 lockdown to push themselves with positive challenges by completing the Crossfit Murph workout for 45 days in a row, and studies the optimization of human performance — at the individual scale, the team scale, the organization scale, and at the civilizational scale. He holds a BS with Honors and Distinction in Computer Science from Stanford University.



During our discussion, you'll discover:

-How Geoffrey used ketones esters while doing a Crossfit "Murph" for 45 consecutive days...5:45




-Why ketogenesis is not a physiologically typical state...13:00




-The role ketones play when it comes to recovery...16:15




-Pros and cons of endogenous and exogenous ketosis...24:18




-The difference between ketone esters and salts...35:15




-The ketone ester developed by the DARPA program...38:45




-Gold standard usage for dosage and frequency of ketone esters...44:45




-Whether or not ketones break a fast...53:35




-How a process called lactalation enhances the expression of longevity genes...57:11




-Parallels between lactate and ketones...1:02:15




-Stacking sodium bicarbonate w/ ketone esters pre-workout...1:07:15




-Ketones used in place of alcohol in cocktails...1:10:15