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Dec 20, 2018

Four months ago, my wife and I went through the most transformational process we have ever embarked upon.

It was called Lifebook

Although you can now go through the entire Lifebook process online, no matter where you live in the world, we did ours in Estonia - jam-packed into a room with over 20 other individuals who, like us, wanted to get ultimate clarity, direction and purpose for each aspect of their lives. I think of my Lifebook as me, in a book.

In other words, if I were to, God forbid, get hit by a bus tomorrow, someone would be able to hand my children my Lifebook and say, "Here. Here is your Dad, in a book. This is everything he stands for, believes in and values, and everything he would have wanted to teach to you about life.

My Lifebook now holds a precious place in the mantle above the fireplace in our home, and has also been integrated into our family trust. As you can imagine, I'm very proud and excited of this discovery, and I wanted to get the inventor of the Lifebook on the podcast: Jon Butcher - who Chicago Magazine dubbed as "the guy with the most perfect life".

Along with his wonderful wife Missy, Jon is a serial entrepreneur and the creators of Lifebook, an extraordinary system that has helped thousands transform their lives from ordinary to a living masterpiece. Jon and Missy have learned how to defy aging, experience long-lasting love, redefine education and build the perfect living environment (trust me, I've been to their home and it is a complete dream house).

Drawing from deeply personal experiences, Jon and Missy, along with their partner, Joe Polish, also founded the Artists For Addicts project. Its mission is to change the global conversation surrounding addiction from one of judgment to one of compassion.

During our discussion, you'll learn...

 -Why Jon and his wife Missy are moving to Hawaii after 30 years living in Chicago...8:25

  • Consistent with the purpose of the Lifebook: To find clarity in your "life vision".
  • Hawaii has always been a special place for Jon and Missy, even after visiting nearly 100 countries.
  • More leisure, less activity in day to day life.

-About Jon's unique philosophy on raising his children...11:45

  • "Respectful disregard" for the status quo.
  • Look at options, make a decision independent of what others may choose.
  • Underwent a "vision quest" recently with his family.
    • Historical examples of boys becoming men via a rite of passage
    • Underwent Vision Quest with a Shaman in France.
    • Targeted specifically to Jon's 14 year old son, family did it in support
    • The son learned the hard way to remember to pack all your gear.
    • Was a profound experience for Jon personally and especially for his son.
    • The Earth can heal you.
    • Modern kids don't learn to deal with real hardship.
  • Check out my recent podcast on Vision Quest's with Tim Corcoran 

-The story of how Lifebook came to be...27:40

  • Living fast and furious in his 20's; caught up with him in early 30's.
    • Two panic attacks
    • Agoraphobia, nervous breakdown
    • Jon's dad ordered two self-development programs: Attacking Anxiety; Personal Power 2
    • 8 year process of healing
  • Jon kept notes from all his self-development programs in a binder: Breakthroughs, Goals, etc.
  • Eventually focused on 12 categories to create an extraordinary life
  • Evolved over a period of 15 years; never showed it to anyone else.
  • Introduced it to a health and fitness group; others expressed interest in creating one
    • Astounding results
    • Jon and Missy knew they had something special on their hands
  • Didn't want to share; But it was something they couldn't NOT do.

-The 12 areas the Lifebook optimizes and why Jon chose them...40:10

  • "Personal"
    • Health and fitness
    • Intellectual life
    • Emotional life
    • Personal Character
    • Spiritual life
  • "Relationship"
    • Love and romance
    • Parenting (yours and your own parents)
    • Social life - friends and extended family
  • "Professional"
    • Career
    • Financial life
  • Quality of Life
  • Overall Life Vision

-The overall strategy by which you accomplish your Lifebook experience...45:55

  • Four steps to each category
    • Premise
  • Purpose
    • Vision
    • Strategy
  • Four questions for each category:
    • What do I believe about...?
    • What do I want in the realm of...?
    • Why do I want...?
    • What do I need to get...?
  • The primary motivation for each category will probably change, i.e. health and fitness vs. money

-Ben reveals his weakest category in the Lifebook process and how his overall life purpose helped strengthen it...53:12

-How to undertake the Lifebook experience online for a fraction of the cost of an in-person event...1:03:00

  • You can do it for free. The catch: You need to finish the program.
  • Pay a $500 deposit. If you finish, you get it back or apply to another program.

-And much more!

Resources from this episode:

-Click here to sign up for Lifebook today

-My Purpose Mountain podcast on Vision Quests with Tim Corcoran

-Manex Ibar, the shaman who did Jon and his son's Vision Quest

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