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Apr 25, 2020

What is KAATSU?

KAATSU is a safe and effective form of exercise, rehabilitation and recovery invented in Japan in 1966. Patented pneumatic equipment enables your arms and legs to modify venous flow which leads to a cascade of positive physiological effects. KAATSU is supported by decades of extensive research at top academic institutions, specific protocols proven with millions of users in 32 countries, and patented procedures in sports, exercise, rehabilitation and wellness activities both in the water and on land. KAATSU is a Japanese word and trademarked term where KA (加) means “additional” and ATSU (圧) means “pressure”.








In today's episode w/ Kaatsu experts John Doolittle and Steven Munatones, you'll hear:








How Kaatsu affects the body...15:50







How Kaatsu aids in muscle growth...26:50







The difference between Kaatsu and BFR training...50:45







Why Kaatsu is perfect for training during the coronavirus quarantine...58:15








And much more.








All show notes, including links to previous BGF podcasts, articles related to Kaatsu, and many more resources can be found at