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Nov 12, 2022

I recently got into the sport of pickleball. Coming from a competitive tennis background, I wasn't quite sure I was going to love it, especially since my only experience with pickleball until about four months ago was that it is (take no offense) a gentler "old person's" version of tennis.
Holy cow, was I wrong.
In the past several weeks, I've picked up the sport of pickleball and absolutely fallen in love with it, especially since a new place opened just near my house called "The Pickleball Playground". Though doubles have been a fun sport to get away and play with the family for our family recreation time, when it comes to singles, it is the ultimate combination of reaction time, speed, power, mental and physical chess, and just about everything I'm looking for in a "new sport".
Turns out, one of the top singles and doubles pickleball players in the world lives just near my home, and we've recently become acquainted. His name is Tyson McGuffin, and he has a podcast called "The McGuffin Show". Tyson and I decided it would be fun to geek out on this new sport for any listeners out there who want to learn more about pickleball, discover secrets of fitness, nutrition, supplementation, recovery, and more.

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