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Nov 28, 2020




Perhaps you've been lifting weights for a few years. But do you even look like you work out? Are you spending disproportionate amounts of hours exercising wasting your time? Many fitness “experts” defend weights and cardio like they are infallible, but where are the results? Why does almost nobody look even marginally athletic?





It's been quite some time since I interviewed Dr. John Jaquish in the episode "The Best 10 Minute A Day Workout – How To Massively Increase Bone Density And Muscle In Just 10 Minutes (& Biohack Extreme Fitness Levels)".



But he has just published a brand new book entitled Weight Lifting Is a Waste of Time (So Is Cardio & There’s a Better Way to Have the Body You Want).




In it, he and and his guest co-author Henry Alkire tackle the questions above as they explore the science that supports the argument that traditional weight lifting is a "waste of time" and lay out a superior strength training approach that has been seen to put 20 pounds of muscle on drug-free, experienced lifters (i.e., not beginners) in six months.

Fitness may be the most failed human endeavor, and you are about to see how exercise science has missed some obvious principles that when enacted will turn you into the superhuman you always wanted to be. John Jaquish, PhD. has spent years researching and developing improved approaches to health.




He is the inventor of the most effective bone density building medical technology which is now partnered with Tony Robbins and OsteoStrong for rapid clinic deployment. Inventor of X3, a technology that is proven to develop muscle much faster than conventional weight lifting, all with the lowest risk of joint injury, Dr. Jaquish methods are used in training the world's most elite athletes and associations such as the entire Miami Heat organization, various NFL and NBA players, as well as Olympians.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-Why lifting weights is the wrong way to build muscle...6:21






-A workout using the VRT protocol...15:05





-Ways to maximize hyperplasia in the muscles during VRT...17:30





-Why you shouldn't worry about your muscle fiber type...29:15





-The questions an ideal exercise program should cover...31:45





-Why doing cardio for weight loss is a lie...41:30




-Selecting the best training bands...47:30




-Whether or not drugs are necessary to enhance training...53:45




-How the fitness industry has failed to make people truly fit...1:00:05

-And much more!