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Aug 18, 2018

Four months ago, I was at a party in Park City, Utah that happened to be chock full of chiropractic physicians. While I was leaning against the bar mixing myself a white wine kombucha spritzer, as I'm prone to do, a doctor named Steve Geanopulos approached me and introduced himself.

Sensing I was a fellow physiology geek with his science-spidey sense, he proceeded to fill me in on a fascinating paper entitled "The Potential Impact of Various Physiological Mechanisms on Outcomes in TBI, mTBI, Concussion and PPCS." He then went on to explain that this paper, which we'll discuss in today's podcast along with plenty of other neural fixing and neural enhancing topics, forms the basis of the care he provides for his chronic brain based patients (not only concussion but anyone who struggles with movement, sight, focus, attention, or other brain based issues.)

We also discussed the work Steve does with professional and collegiate athletes and concussion with his colleague Ben Velazquez, and the work he's done with a guy named Guy Voyer over the past 20 years with ELDOA - a form of fascial stretching that I personally incorporate in my own training and my clients' protocols. He described his approach as a "neuro-chemical, neuro-immunological, neuro-mechanical approach". So why is this guy exactly?

Dr. Steven G. Geanopulos, affectionately known as ‘Dr G’, is a speaker, writer, and leader in the world of functional neurology / functional medicine and is quickly becoming one of America’s leading experts in lifelong, optimized living. His experience and clinical approach has proven that diminished health and vitality can be reclaimed by just about any proactive person at any age.

Dr G.’s principles of practice cover the 5 essential keys to resolving the underlying cause of health problems and performance concerns including; assessing the nervous system for interference, endocrine system, detoxification systems, nutrition and fitness. Dr. G has completed his postgraduate studies in the field of Functional Neurology and attained board certification through the Carrick Institute, a distinction shared by fewer than 700 people worldwide.

Dr. G is a lifelong learner and has completed hundreds of hours of training in the fields of chiropractic neurology and functional medicine. The material he shares covers everything required to take control of your health, while dispelling the ever-growing number of fallacies and myths related to this subject. Dr. G’s fascinating and refreshing approach to body transformation focuses immune function, brain function, nutrition, management of our personal environment, exercise and hormone balance. Dr. G currently practices virtually with clients and sees patients from all over the world with his main practice located in New York City.

His practice has 3 main areas of focus:

1. Brain health

2. Metabolic health

3. Structural and functional integrity and optimization.

These 3 areas of focus are intimately connected and require Dr. G’s unique expertise.

Eventually, I made it to New York City to meet with Steve and also meet his colleague there: Benjamin Velazquez Pagan. Ben's qualifications include:

-Licensed Soma-Trainer (Performance Physical Therapy)

-Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach

-Member, International Sports Sciences Association

-Member, National Strength & Conditioning Association

-Member, American College of Sports Medicine

-Co-Contributing Author, “Fascia – Clinical Applications for Health and Human Performance.”

As a competitive athlete, Benjamin Velazquez realizes the value and potential that comes with a scientific sports program. As a Performance therapist, his goal is to bridge the gap between cutting edge science and today's athlete. Ben's professional experience includes Managing Partner and Director of Human Performance of Sports Lab NYC LLC; President of Grey Matters Sports Group LLC. He designs programs and coaches his New York clientele that ranges from elite athlete to high profile celebrity.

In addition to a B.S. degree in Aeronautical Science, Ben holds several certifications, which include NCSA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Licensed Performance Soma- Therapist, ACSM Exercise Specialist, ISSA Sports performance Nutritionist, and many more.

Ben's client roster includes:

-22 current and Former N.H.L. Athletes,

-18 current and former M.L.B. Players

-5 Division 1 NCAA Soccer Players

-12 Current N.F.L. Athletes.

-The Women’s 2006 Track Team at University of Texas.

Ben has also worked with the Saskatoon Blades Hockey Team 1999-2000, the 2003 national champion New York Freedom Soccer Team as well as 5 Athletes at The Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. Ben has spent the last two years researching the use of corrective exercise in mitigating the risk factors of concussions in athletes. Along with his team at Grey Matters Sports Group, he has successfully worked with athletes from five different sports that were recovering from multiple concussions. He and his team have pioneered a five-tier method of rehabilitating the athlete that has suffered from concussive trauma.

During my discussion with Ben and Steve, you'll discover:

-Why concussions today are much different today than they were 30 years ago...

-Why Steve describes concussions as an immune system issue...

-Steve and Ben's approach for returning to play, work or school after a head injury or concussion-like syndrome...

-Why Steve had me wear a giant pair of infrared goggles when he evaluated me in New York City...

-What kind of bloodwork you have had done to see if you've had a concussion...

-Why Ben V. feels that anybody who is dealing with a concussion or TBI should learn a form of fascial stretching called ELDOA...

-And much more!

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