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Mar 11, 2015

Woo boy. Talk about shattering the myths of movement.

From sucking in your stomach, to the problem with standing workstation to why Kegel exercises aren't all that great, my guest Katy Bowman author of the book "Move Your DNA" joins me in this podcast episode to introduce some very controversial thoughts on the way we move our bodies, including: -Why standing is the new sitting, and the problem with standing all day... -Why could be a big heart attack issue to sit for awhile then go for a run... -Why Katy says "core activation-schmore activation" and why sucking in your stomach could be bad for you... -When it comes to your eyes, why it isn't enough to just take occasional computer breaks and go outside... -Why Katy isn't a fan of pillows... -Why Kegel exercises could be creating some seriously problems for men and women's pelvic floor... -Why Katy's kids go to "outdoors school"...

Katy first appeared on the podcast episode Making Biomechanics Fun: How to Fix Your Body, Align Your Posture and Look Like a Million Bucks From Head To Toe. Her new book "Move Your DNA" explains the science behind our need for natural movement - right down to the cellular level. It examines the vast difference between the movements in a typical hunter-gatherer’s life and the movements in our own lives Move Your DNA shows the many problems with our fixation on exercise over all-day movement, and how very much out of nature our bodies are living in this movement-­drought culture, we restrict our bodies in chairs and shoes and cars for the vast majority of our lives. The book contains the corrective exercises, habit modifications, and simple lifestyle changes you need to make in order to free yourself from disease and pain and discover your most healthy, thriving, natural, reflex-­driven bodies.

Resources we talk about in this episode: -Move Your DNA book -Anti-fatigue mat you can stand on while at a desk or workstation -Biomat -Apps like AwarenessWorkRaveTime Out, and ProtectYourVision -The Vision Gym -Forest Kindergarten

Do you have questions, comments or feedback for me or Katy about this interview? Then leave your thoughts at, and be sure to grab Katy's book "Move Your DNA".