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Aug 26, 2015

Meet Jesse Lawler (pictured above), my guest in today's podcast. Jesse is a software developer, a self-experimentalist, and a health nut; he tweaks his diet, exercise habits, and medicine cabinet on an ongoing basis, always seeking the optimal balance for performance and cognition. He has flirted with everything from paleontology and genetic engineering to screenwriting, green-tech, software engineering, photography, and neuroscience. Jesse is also the host of Smart Drug Smarts, a podcast about “practical neuroscience,” where he speaks each week with the world’s leading minds in neurology, brain-tech, and the social issues related to cognitive enhancement. During our discussion, you'll discover: -How Jesse rode his bicycle across the entire country with no training... -Why Jesse went from 100% vegan to 100% Paleo... -The details of Jesse's week long water fast, what he discovered along the way, and the crazy mistake he made after... -When a "polyphasic sleep schedule" is an appropriate strategy to manage fatigue or lack of sleep... -Why Jessa drinks zero amounts of alcohol... -The details of Jesse's recent Ritalin experiment... -Whether marijuana damages your brain and memory or makes you stupid, and the concept of micro-dosing with compounds such as THC or CBD... -Jesse's favorite smart drug and nootropic stacks... -And much more! Resources from this episode: -HammerNutrition Seat Saver (use 15% discount code 80244) -The SmartDrugSmarts podcast -Nicotine patch + Nuvigil -Aniracetam -Axon Labs - Nexus & Mitogen -Headspace app -NatureCBD Do you have questions, comments or feedback about smart drugs, nootropics, cognitive performance, water fasts, ketosis, water fasts, or anything else Jesse and I discuss in this episode? Leave your thoughts below and either Jesse or I will reply.