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May 1, 2021


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Listener Q&A:

Is Jack Kruse a quack?...37:15

Chris asks: What are your thoughts on Dr. Jack Kruse's comments on Vitamin D protocols, or leptin protocols?

The craziest bio hack Ben has done that didn't work...45:35

Q: Bryce asks: What are your thoughts around insulin synthesizing using 8-hydroxy-dihydroberberine?

  • Bonus question: What is the craziest bio hack you've done that didn't work

BFR training combined w/ HMB...53:17

Q: Dr Mehdi asksHave you ever combined BFR training with beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate (HMB)?

Pacemaker Hacks and HRV measurements... 1:04:15

Q: Bob asks:  If you had a pacemaker what hacks could you do? and would a pacemaker throw off HRV measurements?