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Mar 11, 2023

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Want more morning alertness? Here's what the research says: How people wake up is associated with the previous night’s sleep together with physical activity and food intake...11:26

When it comes to exercise intensity, you constantly hear that (a) HIIT lowers the risk of mortality more than moderate-intensity continuous exercise, (b) HIIT doubles endurance performance after only 15 min of training over 2 weeks, (c) 1 min of HIIT is equivalent to 45 min of moderate-intensity continuous exercise, and (d) HIIT is more pleasant and enjoyable than moderate-intensity continuous exercise. But the evidence for these claims appears questionable...20:29 More here, here, and here.

Some say vegan diets decrease fertility and negatively affect sperm but it's the QUALITY of the plants/plant preparation that is most important here (less of an issue with a well-comprised healthy and clean plant-based diet): The Relationship between Plant-Based Diet Index and Semen Parameters of Men with Infertility: A Cross-Sectional Study...34:51

This case report suggests that most of the top 100 best-selling nutrition books in Canada are written by authors with financial incentives, half of whom also lack academic training or clinical experience in nutrition. One-third of the books also did not cite any scientific evidence: Many authors of publicly available top-selling nutrition books in Canada are without clinical nutrition credentials, do not cite evidence, and promote their own services or products (FYI, my book Boundless has over 700 scientific references)...39:37

Cigarette smoking: an underused tool in high-performance endurance training (illustrates the problem with research, and worth a look): Holiday reading: Cigarette smoking: an underused tool in high-performance endurance training...47:25

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