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Jun 24, 2021

News Flashes – Follow Ben on Twitter for more…

-Most people's "bad knees" don't really need surgery to get fixed...10:35
-What *really* works for weight loss:  (the theme of "continuous monitoring" is what really stands out - what gets measured gets managed, folks)...21:00
-This artificial intelligence energy expenditure/calorie intake app is, based on their research and algorithms, one of the most accurate means out there to figure out how many calories per day you're burning/should be eating...26:30
-Want to maintain strength, endurance, muscle size and more in LIMITED time with minimal effective dose? Here's how: (and I'll be addressing a podcast in detail to spill all the beans for you)...27:45

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-The Boundless Cookbook: Optimize your physical and mental performance with nutritious and delicious Greenfield family recipes. This is your roadmap to a culinary journey that includes ancient food and wild game preparation tactics, biohacked smoothies, meat rubs, cocktails, desserts, and beyond—without any restrictive diet, limited ingredients, or tasteless “health foods”! Pre-order yours today here!

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Listener Q&A:

How to increase NAD & NAD salvage pathways...38:20

How can female endurance athletes not be skinny-fat...47:10

How to create your own workout routine...58:20