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Aug 31, 2017

What separates us from the rest is something that happens every morning around 11:00am. I walk over to the stereo, change the music to either Enya or Lama Gyurme, and the room stops. Those athletes who have been involved with this process all gather around, we walk over to a central space in the room, and we begin a practice that has been performed for thousands of years.

Chris Holder is the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Cal Poly in beautiful San Luis Obispo, California. Along with working with 22 Division I athletic teams and over 500 student-athletes, Chris is a Doctor of Medical Qigong (DMQ-China). Under the tutelage of world famous Qigong Grand Master Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson, Dr. Holder conducted groundbreaking research on the effects of Medical Qigong Therapy with athletes in competition, the first of its kind. With the blending of western strength training practices and eastern medical and spiritual practices, Chris co-authored a study investigating the effects of a daily Qigong practice on strength gains in collegiate aged athletes. These two pieces have spawned additional studies that are currently in progress. The first is investigating the effects of Qigong on flow induction. The second could be one of the most important studies in concussion research. Both are showing tremendous benefits to each area of study. Chris is one of only 13 Master RKC’s in the world and is known in many strength training circles as one of the first to introduce kettlebell training to collegiate athletics. Chris has worked with athletes at all levels, including professionals in the NFL, NBA and MLB. Chris is a regular contributor to several of the major strength training websites on the web, including, Breaking Muscle, TrainHeroic and Dragon Door.

During our discussion, you'll discover: 

-How Chris blends Eastern Medicine and bad-ass strength concepts to get breakthrough performance in his student-athletes...[7:40]

-The five yin organs that Chris targets with his work...[11:20]

-How Chris has substantiated the power of consistent Qigong work and its enormous benefits to strength-trained athletes...[17:15]

-Why Chris thinks Qi Gong rivals performance enhancing drugs when it comes to performance breakthroughs...[23:10]

-How Chris went from being a college football player to becoming a Medical Qi Gong doctor...[24:20]

-Why more athletes and exercise enthusiasts, and the fitness community in general, aren't utilizing Qi Gong...[33:00]

-The link between emotions, inflammation and cancer, and how you can use Qi Gong to release negative emotions...[36:56]

-Why the lower dantian is so important for everyone to build...[44:55]

-How to increase drive and sexual performance with specific Qi Gong exercises...[50:55]

-How you can use your mind can make the kettlebell swing more effective...[52:45]

-Why it's important to put your tongue on the roof of your mouth when doing these practices...[68:35]

-Why you need to read "Bob Frissell - Nothing In This Book Is True"...[70:36]

-And much more...

Resources from this episode: -Dragon Door Publications, where you can search for "Chris Holder" to find his work -Chris's article on the Lower Dantian -Robert Peng's Qi Gong books, videos and audios -Jerry Alan Johnson's Qi Gong resources on Amazon -TianChi adaptogenic herb complex -Bob Frissell's books on Amazon

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