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Nov 17, 2022

You probably already know that I've become increasingly disillusioned with the use of plant medicines.

A key book I read that significantly informed my decisions on this topic was titled Pharmakia: The Biblical View of Drug Use, by Robert Orem. This is a book that I often mention these days when I'm discussing plant medicines (and in my opinion, if you're using or thinking about using plant medicines this is a book you must read). Many people aren't even aware that the Bible refers to drug use (in fact, there are 37 distinct references to drugs in the Bible) but his book is more than just a thorough investigation into what the Bible says about drugs. It is also a powerful, hope-filled message of hope and love, and freedom from addiction for drug users and addicts, or folks who feel like they are heavily attached to or dependent on plant medicines.

Robert Orem, the author of Pharmakia and my guest on this podcast, is a Christian former drug addict who researched the Bible’s references to drug use for many years. A teacher in jails, treatment centers, schools, and churches, he recently launched In Step Fellowships, a biblical recovery group for all types of addiction.

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