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Dec 22, 2022

Whenever I have a question or want to learn more about the latest advances in water technology, I turn to my friend, international water expert Robert Slovak.

I've had Robert on the podcast three times in the past, on the following episodes:

In this episode, you'll learn about the intricacies of Hydrogen and the benefits of drinking it, soaking in it, and applying it to a face mask. Robert addresses the internet myths about hydrogen that are surfacing and sets the record straight.

I don't know a lot of guys Robert's age who get around as well as he does, so I'm finally able to dig into some of his longevity practices, so you'll want to take notes on that. Robert walks us through a fascinating injury healing protocol involving Percutaneous Hydrotomy in San Miguel, Mexico.

Perhaps most importantly, Robert gives us the inside scoop on what specifics to look for when purchasing a water filtration system. 

Finally, are you still wondering which Quinton product is best for you and when to take it? Robert breaks down the difference between Isotonic vs. Hypertonic and in what scenario you will want to take each of them. 

Full show notes here:

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