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May 29, 2021

As I've mentioned several times before on podcasts this year, I recently read what I consider to be the best book I've ever read on cardiovascular health.

Before this point, my top book recommendation would probably have been. Dr. Thomas Cowan's Human Heart, Cosmic Heart, ideally paired with a listen to my own big show on all the different ways to test, analyze and medically quantify your heart health, which you can listen to in the episode titled "The Best Way To Test How Healthy Your Heart Is: Ben Greenfield Undergoes A Complete Advanced Cardiac Evaluation & Reports The Surprising Results!". Anyways, this newest book is called Understanding the Heart: Uncommon Insights into Our Most Commonly Diseased Organ.

The author, Dr. Stephen Hussey MS, DC is a Chiropractor and Functional Medicine practitioner. He attained both his Doctorate of Chiropractic and Masters in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine from the University of Western States in Portland, OR.

He is a health coach, speaker, and the author of two books on health; The Health Evolution: Why Understanding Evolution is the Key to Vibrant Health <TO EDITOR LINK and of course now, Understanding the Heart: Uncommon Insights into Our Most Commonly Diseased Organ.

Dr. Hussey guides clients from around the world back to health by using ancestral wisdom and the latest research. In his down time he likes to be outdoors, playing sports, reading, writing, and spending time with his wife and their pets. During our show, you'll learn the fascinating history of heart disease, why the naked mole rat is important in understanding heart health, where water, infrared light, aspirin, ketones, magnesium oubain and other little-known heart health "hacks" fit in, and a BIG surprise towards the end of this two part podcast series.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-Why the heart gets the cream of the crop when it comes to our fat...07:40

-What is a lean mass hyper-responder...13:25

-How statins work and issues with CoQ10...19:30

-Why Aspirin may be a bad idea...29:35

-Ouabain and Strophanthis...33:10

-How chiropractic therapy can improve heart health...37:25

-Best practices for maintaining a healthy heart...44:30

-Why Stephen refers to Western medicine as "two-faced medicine"...46:35

-And much more...

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