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Aug 22, 2015

If you read my recent article about how to biohack a sauna, then you've already heard of my friend Brett Bauer. Brett is a guy who I used to live with in college. When I used to hang out with him, he was a hard-partying guy who drove a fancy car and lived a fast lifestyle. But since then, he's had an amazing health journey that's taken him from alcoholism to fruitarianism to raw veganism to water detoxes to, finally, eating grass-fed beef and sweet potato fries with me and my family on our back porch. In my conversations with Brett, I've been blown away by his body of knowledge on everything from sauna detoxes to water filters to removing hidden toxins like mold and fungus from your home. And in today's podcast, Brett and I delve into the #1 appliance in your home that churns out hidden toxins: your vacuum cleaner. During our episode, you'll discover: -How many pounds of chlorine you can absorb through your skin in a single shower, and an easy, portable way to ensure that you can filter your shower water to avoid absorbing water toxins through your skin... -The shocking toxic potential of the clothing you're wearing, and the best, most toxin-free way to clean your clothing... -A way to have soft clothes without static, ditch your static dryer sheets and use a little-known DIY stack in your clothing washing and drying process... -The big, big problem with using dry cleaning methods like dry washcloths or dry filter vacuums to clean your home, and how these actually spread microscopic contaminants throughout your home... -How you can inadvertently be spreading staph infections, mold and fungi around your house every time you clean your home... -What to look for in a HEPA filter (and why all filters aren't created equal)... -And much more...

Resources we discuss in this episode: -A free home cleaning and toxin removal consultation with Brett -William Wolcott's Metabolic Typing Diet book -Aquasana Shower Filter -Molly's Soap Suds -Sauna Detox with Niacin Protocol -My How To Detox Your Home article

Do you have questions, comments or feedback about dry vacuums vs. wet vacuums, detoxing your home and body, or anything else Brett and I talked about in this episode?

Leave your thoughts at, and click here if you'd like a free home cleaning and toxin removal consultation with Brett!