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Jul 26, 2014

In every drugstore aisle in America, shoppers cast the classic pose: two products in hand, confusion on their faces as they attempt to decipher the advertising claims and safety labels. It's an important decision, but it is so hard to be certain you're making the right call.

A new company called LabDoor buys dietary supplements and energy drinks off retail shelves and sites. Then, they send each product to an FDA-registered laboratory for a detailed chemical analysis. Their technical team then collects the laboratory results and builds algorithms to translate this data into simple grades and rankings.

The result is that you get to find out what's good, what's bad, and whether your protein powder, fish oil, vitamin D, energy drink or multivitamin actually contains what it says it contains, and whether it has any nasty contaminants.

In this episode with Neil Thanedar from Labdoor, you'll find out: -How supplement companies "cheat" when it comes to getting their products analyzed... -Why your protein powder may not actually have in it what it says it has in it... -The shocking truth about fish oil quality... -The one energy drink that is the biggest chemical cocktail in the supplement industry... -And much more!

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