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Jul 1, 2021

You've no doubt heard me talk on podcasts before about my epic massages.

We're talking essential oils, carefully selected musical tracks for healing the body, an acoustic sound healing table, a pulsed electromagnetic field mat, and a variety of specific plant medicine compounds and supplements for relaxing the body and turning a massage into a full body, mind and spiritual reboot and cleansing.

But I haven't talked much about the wizard (wizardess, I should say) behind-the-scenes. Her name is Donna Mills, and she is my massage therapist, the most unique and talented therapist I've ever worked with, and my guest on this podcast.

Donna lives in the aesthetically stunning Pacific Northwest, specifically in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. She is a woman committed to all things that elevate human consciousness. She is a practitioner of the healing arts, an advocate for civil conversations, and a community educator.

Donna is the founder of HumanWell Integrative Healing where she sees private clients healing through trauma and grief. On the community consulting side of HumanWell, Donna designs integrative workplace wellness programs for large and small businesses.

The name HumanWell was created out of her unwavering need to know “How do we human well? We can see where we are missing the mark in society, but where and how are we getting it right?”

Donna is a social healing practitioner, a narrative disruptor, and a cultural change agent. She is here to invite society into a deeper conversation about civility and connectivity. She believes that, “and justice for all” means just that. For all. She is a fierce advocate for a new narrative of economic justice that elevates our collective human wellness and ability to thrive.

Donna is a Lay Pastoral Minister through the Unitarian Universalist Association and is ordained to perform many celebrations of life, from partner unions to end of life doula services. In this work she gently guides humans through the sacred journey of living and dying. She is often called upon to share her insightful wisdom on the divine, and serves this world with a deep commitment to humanity.

Donna aligns and connects to Source Spirit as High Priestess in her Pagan faith. She also describes herself as a mystic, a tarot reader, an intuitive healer, and a conscious thought leader for these changing times. She practices a very intentful and cyclical lifestyle that includes loads of joy, playful exploration, good food, and always, always, more beautiful humans.

She excels at growing food and wild foraging, loves to be on the water, is a collector of smiles, and can be found spending teatime with her favorite feline, Professor Moosey Softpaws.

During this discussion, you'll discover:

-How Donna developed her unique therapeutic approach…14:00

-Donna’s self-work routine...17:35

-Donna’s unique massage practices...19:25

-About Donna’s coursework programs...34:00

-How Donna healed Ben’s very injured toe...38:00

-Why massage sometimes brings up emotions or trauma release...43:55

-Supplements, products and technology Ben and Donna use during massage treatments...49:50

-How to work with Donna...1:10:40

-And much more…


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