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May 23, 2020

Let's face it.



Corporate wellness programs are old-school and outdated, including...



...cafeteria and nutrition programs that simply advise you to "eat more lean protein" or "consume more fruits and vegetables"...



...yearly basic doctor checkups with almost zero motivation, accountability, feedback or utilization of advanced lab and biometric testing...



...lack of advanced biohacks in the workplace, or attention paid to hidden environmental assailants that affect energy and the company's bottom line, such as air, light, water and electricity...'s time that changed, and my guests on today's podcast are doing just that, through their new, advanced corporate wellness program called "Live Timeless".



Alexander von Gramatzki grew up playing soccer in Europe where he had a chance to play alongside legends like Gareth Bale, Theo Walcott and Tony Kroos. During his youth soccer career he was connected to advanced wellness technologies to get him intimately attuned with his optimal state of performance. Even though Alex ended his youth soccer career to pursue education and business, his ability to find a high performing state resulted in him being able to work in a state of flow. As a result of being able to function at high levels, Alex was fortunate to find opportunities that allowed him to earn millions of dollars starting at the age of 23. Due to his achievements he was then the youngest person to be accepted into and graduate from the Wharton Schools 2-year long Executive General Management Program. His focus is now on bringing wellness technologies and health tests into the workplace so that companies can get their employees more attuned with their body and mind.





During our discussion, you'll discover:

-Alex's history with health and biohacking...8:00




-How to package individual protocols and biohacks into a comprehensive corporate wellness program...13:54




-How to share collective results while maintaining individual's privacy...30:16




-Boots on the ground; how this system is implemented...45:12




-The future of corporate wellness...53:11




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