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Feb 21, 2015

Dr. Tim Jackson - a medical ninja when it comes to nutritional biochemistry, digestive health, methylation and genetic testing and functional endocrinology - is no stranger to

He penned the article that first appeared here entitled "Blame the Bugs: How Stealth Pathogens Are Making You Fat, Tired, and Brain Dead.", and also "Broken Gut to Big Butt: How A Busted Digestive System Can Make You Hormonally Fat."

And now Dr. Tim is back with a vengeance. Just when I thought I knew everything there was to know about detoxification and detox diets, Tim began dropping knowledge bombs like xenobiotics, depuration, miasm, emunctory, and even drainage (yuk!). I had to get him on the podcast to open your eyes about what's really happening inside your body when you detox...or when you don't.

So when it comes to detox, what you're about to hear is like no other podcast I've ever done on the topic, so strap on your earphones and prepare to learn: -Why the pH of your blood is just ONE part of proper acid/alkaline balance... -Why detoxification can destroy you if you don't do a few other important things first... -The three different ways to truly test your body and see if you even need to detox... -Which organs detox your body (it's not just your liver and kidney!)... -Where homeopathic medicine fits in... -And much more!

Resources from this episode: -ZytoScan -Asyra Testing -EAV Screening -Autonomic Response Testing -Seroyal's "UNDA" homeopathic remedies and supplements -Seroyal's Dr. Dixon Thom

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