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Sep 30, 2017

Last month, I ventured to a place called "The Human Garage" in Venice Beach, California... ...for an absolutely mind-blowing full body reboot that turned out to be the most unique mash-up of deep tissue body work, aromatherapy, energy healing and combination of ancestral methods and modern science that I've ever experienced in my life. Not kidding. I left as a new man with a new body. So what is the Human Garage? At Human Garage, they pursue the Power of Alignment, balancing both body and mind to maximize the innate capacities present in each of our bodies to heal. They utilize a systemic, hands-on approach to unwinding and rebalancing body and mind. They believe by locating and releasing the origin of the problem of pain, biomechanically and biochemically, the body begins to unwind and lays the foundation for the body to heal itself. They take clients through an unwinding process with a hands-on release therapy they created and designed to realign the body from the inside out. Their treatment is based on the belief that every person and every body is different. Their belief is that people ultimately know their own bodies better than anyone else and have to actively participate in its recovery. Unlike traditional modalities for treating pain, they believe in finding and treating the origin of discomfort to avoid chasing symptoms of pain and dysfunction. Their approach is based on a sound belief in the connection between body and mind and they offer a variety of services to bring the body back into balance. In addition to their unwinding and release alignment protocol, they also provide services such as nutritional supplementation and coaching, personal training and biomechanical development to maximize well-being and health. They also offer a wide variety of functional foods and hand-crafted essential oils to keep your body and mind happy, healthy, and in motion.

On today's podcast with Human Garage founder Garry Lineham, you'll discover:

-The story of how Garry went from a bed-bound ex-bodybuilder to completely reinventing and fixing his anatomy...[13:15]

-Why most people (including doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists) don't see the full picture and "get it wrong" when it comes to permanently fixing your joint aches and pains...[17:00]

-The surprising number of people who work on you all at the same time at the Human Garage (I personally had 4 people working on me at once)...[25:30 & 47:55]

-How Garry "talks to your body" and asks it questions, then sense the response...[27:20 & 55:40]

-Why Garry endorses high dose curcumin and ketones combined with one special ingredient (this one surprised me) to make his work even more effective...[83:00]

-The "libido tea" and special "sprig water" Garry uses...[87:40 & 97:40]

-Where essential oils and aromatherapy fit into the healing process, and how you can use them...[92:45]

-How to incorporate sound healing and music into deep tissue therapy...[93:30]

-And much more!

Resources from this episode:

-The Facebook Live recording of this episode (don't forget to use code Ben17 for your 10% off)

-Adam Von RothFelder

-My review of Dr. David Hawkins book

-Dr. David Rubenstein

-The Human Garage Alignment Protocol graphic

-Essential Anatomy software

-Ben's biochemical lab results from the Human Garage

-Fascia Magnified 25x Video

-Libido Tea



-Essential Oil Wizardry Essential Oils

-Sprig Water

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