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Jun 16, 2018

I recently hired certified building biologist Brian Hoyer to do a full day "dirty electricity" and biological health analysis of my entire "biohacked home" in Spokane, WA (the same home I write about in this book), and he found some pretty shocking and surprising issues.

For example...

...when I'm inside my low EMF infrared sauna (which we tested and found was indeed low EMF), my body is getting exposed to cell tower transmissions and radio waves and being "as an antenna" to propagate those waves (we discuss solutions in the episode)...

...the master bedroom of my house is actually located over a geothermal stressor area (which causes large amounts of magnetic field exposure) and the mattress itself is propagating and magnifying this electromagnetic signal, and there are hefty amounts of radio and cell phone tower signals pouring in through the bedroom walls... twin boys are being exposed to nearly twice this amount of electrical stress in their bedroom due in part to their pet dragon lizard lighting and elaborate "Christmas tree" lighting they've decorated their room with... office is mostly protected - thanks in part to the dirty electricity filters I have spread throughout the office - but my so-called "biologically friendly" LED lighting is producing a heavy amount of flicker that is nothing like that of the sun... Molekule air filter had an intense WiFi/Bluetooth signal emitting from it even in sleep mode. Brian disabled it. He actually owns one of these filters too and didn't realize I had one until he investigated and located the WiFi/Bluetooth source with his RF meter. home security system gives off 12 RF/WiFi pulses every time the doors shut or open...

...the dish on the east side of my house is broadcasting WiFi (despite my home not having a WiFi router enabled), leading Brian to recommend putting the dish further from the house and running the cable underground and up through the wall at the same location, or mounting a metal box around it to block the signal from coming toward your home...

...there are four cell phone antennas located within a mile from me...

-Ptera antenna 1 3.650 GHZ

-Ptera antenna 2 3.650 GHZ

-Ptera antenna 3 3.650 GHZ

-Ptera antenna 4 3.650 GHZ

...and another four with higher frequencies within three miles from me...

-Ptera 18 antennas transmitting at 11 GHZ to 19 GHZ

-Ptera 29 antennas transmitting at 11 GHZ to 18 GHZ

-T-mobile 8 antennas at 21.8 GHZ and 1 at 19 GHZ

-T-mobile 10 antennas at 19 GHZ

...and there are hundreds more transmitting all around my "isolated" home in the forest. Just imagine what it's like in a city or more urban area!

Brian's meter only detects up to 8 GHZ, and he doesn't know for sure where those higher frequency cell phone signals are aimed. 5G technology is going to use frequencies up to 100 GHZ, which sounds horrible but, in reality, after about 30 GHZ the waves have a much hard time penetrating solid objects. Up to 30 GHZ, however, can penetrate if there is enough power behind it, and cell phone companies have to ramp up the power going up to 30 GHZ in order to push through solid objects. This is why 5G networks will have to use the higher frequencies in conjunction with the lower ones.

When it comes to shielding effectiveness against these issues, Brian highly recommended this article In the podcast, Brian also speaks about another 5G test study. See, the Telecom industry has done many tests to see what the barriers are to the networks working well that they plan to install. These are perfect to look at because technically you'd want to build or outfit your home from these materials.

It also gives a good idea on how well the shielding paint will hold up against the higher 5G frequencies. Brian is convinced that the layers of T98 shield paint we discuss in this show will 5G proof my home since the third party test reports on the paint show this - as do the Telecom industry's own studies on materials that attenuate the higher 5G transmissions.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-The background behind the ancestral health movement and how it inspired Brian's work... 9:00

-The equipment Brian is using to examine my house... 11:00

  • Goss Meter. Gigahertz Solutions NFA 30M. 
  • HF Digit Meter by Geovital
  • Protect 1207-I 
  • NFEM Digit Meter Field Probe

-Why we should avoid exposure to both dirty and clean electricity... 18:30 -Inside my gym, mostly the sauna... 22:00

  • Measuring radio frequencies. My body was being used as a radio antenna!!!
  • Measuring electric fields being generated.

-My Office...41:00

  • Measuring the magnetic fields with a NFA 30M
  • Lights are producing a lot of "flicker." Incandescent bulbs don't have "flicker."
  • Looking for devices with Bluetooth capabilities and wifi (spy meter).
  • Stetserizer Micro Search meter is measuring "dirty electricity" in my office.

-The Bedroom... 1:01:00

  • Electricity is very high on my bed.
  • Measuring "geopathic stressors." Radiation that's coming up from the earth. Often associated with "sacred places" around the world.
  • We realize that the springs in my bed are magnetized.
  • Mapping out the lines on the bed.

-Solar Panels... 1:23:45


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A few weeks after Brian inspected my home, we caught up on a Skype call to discuss his results and how I can do a better job of minimizing our exposure to electrical and magnetic currents in our home.

-What were the biggest problems, and some of the easiest fixes we can do right now?...1:32:00

-What were Brian's concerns with the mattress I use?... 1:39:00

-Can I use the special faraday paint in my bedroom and eliminate the effects of the magnetic forces in my mattress?...1:45:00

-What rooms in my house should I use the faraday paint to shield from electric currents, and what rooms should I not worry about?... 1:53:30

-Brian discusses one possibly problematic area of my home with a parabolic microwave antenna to give us internet...

-1:58:00 The dirty electricity filter Brian recommends... 2:07:00

-Brian's advice for those who get overwhelmed with the information and disinformation related to building biology... 2:09:30  

Resources from this episode:

Brian Hoyer, NTP, Geovital Geobiologist, Shielded Healing LLC

-The Geovital website

-The non-spring, low EMF mattress Brian recommends

-The incandescent, low EMF bulbs that Brian recommends - ChromaLux 100 watt - 150-watt incandescent bulbs or Aerotech Incandescent 100-150 Watts

-The Satellite Daytime Mats which can be used for the office

-The Greenwave dirty electricity filters Ben uses

-Dr. Satchin Panda, expert in circadian biology

-T98A Paint by Geo Vital (used by Dr. Mercola to shield your home from electricity.)

Do you have questions, thoughts or feedback for Brian or me? Leave your comments at and one of us will reply!