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Jan 21, 2017

I'll admit it: I have thyroid "issues". I've had them ever since I combined extreme ketosis (e.g. 90%+ fat based diet) for a full year, combined with hard and heavy training for Ironman triathlon. So in light of the fact that I've had to battle rock-bottom "T3" levels over the past several years, hypothyroidism is a topic near and dear to my heart. And I'm not alone. Over 200 million people worldwide and 20+ million Americans have some form of thyroid disease, but 60% are undiagnosed and unaware of their condition. Undiagnosed or mistreated hypothyroidism can put people at risk for serious conditions, such as: depression, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, gynecological issues (infertility/miscarriages/fibroids/PCOS etc.), hormonal imbalances, adrenal fatigue, anemia, and other diseases. My guest on today's show has written one of the most comprehensive resources I've ever read for deciphering the confusing world of thyroid hormones, and fixing your thyroid for good.

Her name is Elle Russ and her book is called "The Paleo Thyroid Solution: Stop Feeling Fat, Foggy, And Fatigued At The Hands Of Uninformed Doctors - Reclaim Your Health!". Elle is a writer, health/life coach, and host of the Primal Blueprint Podcast. She is fat becoming a leading voice of thyroid health in the burgeoning Evolutionary Health Movement (also referred to as Paleo, Primal, or Ancestral Health). Elle has a B.A in Philosophy from The University of California at Santa Cruz and is a certified Primal Health Coach. She sits on the advisory board of The Primal Health Coach Program created by Mark Sisson. Originally from downtown Chicago, Elle lives and plays in Malibu, CA. Elle wrote The Paleo Thyroid Solution after consulting with over two dozen endocrinologists, internal medicine specialists, and general practice MDs...only to find that her thyroid condition was getting worse - and nothing from doctors resembled a solution, or even hope. Exasperated and desperate, Elle took control of her own health and resolved two severe bouts of hypothyroidism on her own – including an acute Reverse T3 problem. Through a devoted paleo/primal lifestyle, intensive personal experimentation, and a radically modified approach to thyroid hormone replacement therapy...Elle fixed her thyroid. Her new book The Paleo Thyroid Solution dispels outdated, conventional thyroid wisdom still practiced by uninformed doctors, and instead provides the in-depth guidance necessary to solve hypothyroidism, achieve vibrant health, and optimize thyroid fat-burning hormone metabolism. It provides the only lifestyle and weight loss plan specifically targeted for maximizing thyroid hormone metabolism in harmony with paleo/primal/ancestral health principles. In The Paleo Thyroid Solution, you will learn:

  • Primal/paleo protocols for naturally optimizing and even possibly reversing low thyroid function
  • How to work with your doctor to get the correct blood tests to diagnose hypothyroidism and accurately interpret results
  • How to work with your doctor to optimally treat hypothyroidism with thyroid hormone replacement
  • How to find a good doctor or work with your current one to diagnose and treat Reverse T3 issues (including T3-only treatment)
  • How to lose the insidious fat and weight gained from hypothyroidism
  • An MD’s perspective on why and how some doctors are uninformed and still practicing outdated thyroid protocols (in-depth commentary from integrative physician Dr. Gary E. Foresman, MD)
During my discussion with author Elle Russ, you'll discover:
-Why Elle call T3 the "hormone of life", and what happened to hers...[10:30 & 13:20]
-How to find a doctor who actually knows the right parts of your thyroid to test...[19:00]
-Why most thyroid supplements don't actually contain thyroid glandular or thyroid hormones...[23:53]
-The confusing hormone "reverse T3" and the ancestral reflex that causes your body to make it...[25:30]
-Whether body temperature tests really work, and if there any science to back them up...[38:10]
-What vitals you should track, such as heart rate and blood pressure, and the best way to do it...[44:20]
-What Elle thinks is the best natural over-the-counter (OTC) thyroid for people who want to "self test" and "self medicate"...[50:30]
-Why coconut oil can help to heal thyroid issues (and whether or not marijuana or CBD should be used)...[51:50]
-The best prescription form of thyroid hormone to use and what Elle personally takes...[54:55]
-The shocking link between chiropractors, acupuncturists and thyroid hormone...[68:27]
-What to do if you have tried everything and you're still having issues...[70:27]
-And much more!
Do you have questions, thoughts or feedback for Elle or me? Leave your comments at and one of us will reply!