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Mar 28, 2019

I recently posted the following to my newsletter weekly roundup:

"I only did two workouts this week and was sore as hell. You can view both my workouts in .pdf format by clicking here for Workout 1 and clicking here for Workout 2. The workouts were supplied to me by the wicked smart guys over at and I performed them while wearing the NEUBIE, which is NeuFit’s patent-pending electro-stimulation device.

NEUBIE is an acronym for “NEURO-BIO-ELECTRIC STIMULATOR.” The NEUBIE can find neurological deficits in the human body with incredible precision, and has two main benefits – 1) it provides direct current (DC), and 2) it matches the signals the nervous system already sends naturally on its own. Using DC is important because it has numerous, positive biological effects. DC fields accelerate the body’s own physiological processes of healing, repair, and regeneration.

Although this has been known for a long time, most devices out there are alternating current (AC). These devices are cheaper and easier to engineer, and most people don’t know the difference. Unfortunately, they don’t have anywhere near the effect at the cellular level. The NEUBIE is admittedly expensive but incredible for rehab or for training. It now holds a hallowed place in my gym. You can contact NEUFit here and mention my name for $1000 off your purchase, or you can travel to Austin, Texas to have these guys work on injuries or re-train your muscles in their gym. Ask for Chaz or Garrett if you call these folks."

Here are a few video demos of me using this very unique electrical muscle stimulation device:

Known as "The Health Engineer," my guest on today's show Garrett Salpeter has taken his training in Engineering and Neuroscience and used it to create NeuFit. By combining next-generation technology with protocols from physical therapy and functional neurology, NeuFit helps people tap into the power of their neurology.

For most people, that leads to improved function and a quicker recovery from an injury/surgery or reaching fitness goals faster than they ever thought possible. For a few, this work has even meant being able to get out of a wheelchair and walk again.

Now practitioners all over the country are adding the technology into their medical, physical therapy, and fitness practices, and Garrett is passionate about teaching NeuFit to them so that this work can impact as many lives as possible.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-What exactly is a "NEUBIE" and some history behind Garrett's business...7:50

-How the NEUBIE is different from other EMS devices...11:15

  • Direct current rather than alternating current
    • Better for regeneration and healing in the body
  • The Body Electric by Dr. Robert Becker
  •  Focused on sensory (afferent) rather than muscle contraction (efferent)
  • "Russian Current" is a particular wave form based on tests conducted in the 1980's, in Russia
  • Less motor output, more sensory input
  • Neuro muscular reeducation
  • Being able to move through the contraction expedites the healing process

-Ben and Garrett's thoughts on suppressing Heart Rate Variability (HRV) during the stimulation, and the resultant high HRV after...24:00

  • You want to stress the body, then let it recover and super compensate
  • SAID Principle: Specific Adaptation to an Imposed Demand
  • You need real time feedback
  • Suppressed HRV during most intense workout is ideal
  • Auto regulating training based on the nervous system

-A scanning procedure that allows you to figure out which muscles need the most work...28:40

-What a typical rehab program looks like, and what to expect in terms of sessions and results...32:08

  • Address the dysfunction, not the symptom
  • Active treatments; not lying down
  • Reincorporating the movement patterns
  • Creating other feedback to the brain; reduces threat response
    • Go higher on the current, sometimes in the same session

-How to use the NEUBIE for a full body workout...35:00

  • You gain more recruitment with less external load and less strain on the joints
  • Allows to train without pain, makes exercise safer
  • Simple bodyweight movements: bands, joint movements
  • Progress to heavier weights, kettle bells

-Why you're so sore after using the NEUBIE; if and when you should use it while you're sore...38:08

  • Most often used by professionals, under professional supervision
  • Body builders are pleased with the results after just a few sets vs. a long workout in the gym
  • Not required to be sore to build strength
  • Stimulate yourself into a depressed state; when recovered, do it again
  • Typical schedule: 2x/week, sometimes multiple daily in extreme cases

-How the device can be used for neurological issues...43:30

  • Book: The Wahl's Protocol
  • MS patient experienced very positive results after 2 days working with Garrett
    • Had enough muscle control to lift legs, tie shoes
    • Took several steps holding her husband's hand
  • TBI and concussions:
    • Woman with TBI, making slow progress for 7 years; made remarkable progress with the neubie

-How easy is it for a lay person to obtain and use the neubie...50:15

  • Recommended to work with a trained professional, preferably in a clinic
  • Find a directory of therapists who use the NEUBIE at
  • Not often covered by insurance
  • You can own one with doctor's approval (FDA covered device)
  • Packages designed for clinics as well as for individuals

-And much more

Resources from this episode:

-The NEUBIE (you can contact NEUFit here and mention my name for $1000 off your purchase)

-Why NHL Player Duncan Keith Calls Himself a Biohacker

-The Body Electric by Dr. Robert Becker

-Oura ring

-NatureBeat HRV app

-Viiiva HR Monitor

-The Wahl's Protocol book

-My podcast with Terry Wahls

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