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May 31, 2013

In this "The Naked Truth" episode with Jessa Greenfield, you'll get access to tons of dirty little secrets, like:


-What are Ben's biggest diet cheats?


-How does Jessa cope raising two "ultra-healthy" kids?


-What it's like living with a podcaster who sits around in his underwear?


-Does Jessa take supplements?


-What are the most annoying things about Ben?


-Does Jessa have to deal with annoying issues like PMS and migraines, and if so, how does she do it?


-When Ben and Jessa guys cheat on their diet, how much and what cheats? Do they then go extra hard the next day? How do they eat at friends' parties/houses?


-If Jessa nursed did her diet look differently then?

-Does Jessa think Superhuman is all silliness?