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Sep 17, 2020





My guest on this podcast is Barton Scott, who is a chemical engineer, nutritionist, and the founder of Upgraded Formulas, a wellness nanotech company for performance and longevity, with a focus on correcting mineral deficiency. Barton pioneered a new category of supplementation to increase health span, focus, blood sugar management, reduce the impact of chronic health issues, and improve sleep quality.




As a young chemical engineer who always had sharp cognitive function, Barton began to suffer memory loss and mental fatigue. How could this be, at such an early age? To make matters worse, tragedy struck at the same time, when he unfortunately lost his mother.




After taking many supplements during this time frame, nothing was working. Faced with adversity and looming health issues, this is when he decided that he must pursue solutions. He grew frustrated with how mineral supplements lacked effectiveness and absorption into the body, rendering most products in the market useless. He set out to fix the problem, and using his background in Chemical Engineering and experience as a nutritionist, he was able to identify the issues with the current offerings and applied a solution based on sound science.




Through research, and many trials and errors, he realized if you can get mineral particles small enough to absorb into our cells, that was going to be the winning formula for effectiveness. That's where he applied nano minerals to his formulations and developed a solution that supposedly makes the minerals up to 99.9% bioavailable for measurable absorption. It was then that he set out to create what today is Upgraded Formulas, founded with with maximum bioavailability and measurable absorption to ensure you are getting results.




In addition, he created a hair testing kit that identifies mineral deficiencies and verifies the products work, along with identifying heavy metal toxicity.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-How sports and endurance events totally deplete the body of nutrients and minerals...6:20






-Why vitamins are of no use without minerals...12:55





-The best way to avoid mineral deficiency...18:15





-Why the electron driving force and size of individual cells is important for absorption of minerals...29:25





-How a hair analysis reveals your mineral levels and certain lifestyle factors...37:20





-The most common mineral deficiencies, and how to replenish them...48:05





-The best way to ingest Barton's nano mineral products...59:50




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