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Jul 19, 2018

My guest today is Dr. Stephen Cabral, a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor, founder of the Cabral Wellness Institute and author of the new book "The Rain Barrel Effect: How a 6,000 Year Old Secret Holds the Answer to Getting Well, Losing Weight, and Feeling Alive Again!".

At 17 years old, Stephen Cabral was diagnosed with a life-altering illness and given no hope for recovery. For many years, he suffered endlessly, day after day after day. It was only after Stephen traveled all over the world and discovered how to combine ancient Ayurvedic healing practices with state-of-the-art Naturopathic & Functional Medicine did he understand how to fully rebalance the body and re-energize it with life.

Dr. Cabral and his team have completed over 250,000 client appointments in their online and in-person practice in Boston, MA. He uses Functional Medicine lab testing and Personalized Wellness Plans to help people rebalance their mind and body to recover from auto-immune, thyroid, fatigue, hormone, weight gain, digestive, childhood, mood, skin, and dozens of other hard to treat health conditions.

Within the The Rain Barrel Effect, it turns out the answer is simpler than we think and it lies in the oldest form of medicine in the world.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-How Stephen discovered the Rainbarrel Effect after suffering a debilitating illness at age 17... 7:45

-The 6,000 year old tradition of the five treatments of Pancha Karma that Stephen discovered... 19:00

-The diet of mung beans and ghee that can be used to enhance detoxification... 25:30

-Why Stephen has patients purge by "throwing up" following a concoction of salt water and milk intake... 32:00

-How to use a "Swedana" steam bath to induce detoxification... 41:00

-The fascinating history of heat therapy and sauna... 45:30

-The "modern" Pancha Karma 1-2-3 detox protocol Dr. Cabral has developed... 52:00

-Why you should lie on your right side during a coffee enema... 58:00

-And much more!

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Resources from this episode:

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-Scientific Basis for Ayurvedic Therapies

-Eliminating Environmental Toxins Through Panchakarma

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