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Mar 15, 2017

Are you exhausted all the time, plagued by brain fog, and unable to lose weight? Do you struggle with insomnia, panic attacks, and tremors? But does your doctor insists your labs are normal, and that you just need to eat less and exercise more?

As anyone who has been there knows, nothing is more frustrating, stressful, and emotionally draining than feeling unwell and being told you're fine by the very person who is supposed to heal you. The truth is, your symptoms could be caused by a thyroid disorder - the hidden cause of a wide array of health problems that can threaten to ruin your life. Thyroid dysfunction affects at least 20 million Americans and yet conventional medicine frequently misses the diagnosis. The scariest part? Most doctors won't even order thyroid tests unless you specifically ask. Now, in her new book The Thyroid Connection, Dr. Amy Myers, my guest on today's podcast, teaches you how to take your health into your own hands. Dr. Myers, originally misdiagnosed herself, understands the struggles of thyroid dysfunction firsthand. Fortunately, she also knows how achievable recovery and well-being are, and just how to get you there. In The Thyroid Connection, Amy explains how to recognize the symptoms that could signal a thyroid problem, work with your doctor to ensure proper diagnosis, and make sure you're on the right treatment plan. Amy is a renowned leader in Functional Medicine a 2x New York Times Bestselling author of The Autoimmune Solution and The Thyroid Connection and the founder and medical director of Austin UltraHealth, a functional medicine clinic that treats patients from all over the world who are overcoming chronic illness. She has been featured on The Dr. Oz Show, The New York Post, Women’s Health, Huffington Post, and numerous other television programs, radio shows, and print publications. She has helped hundreds of thousands recover from chronic illness through her dietary-based program, The Myers Way®, and she has created multiple programs, tools, and free resources to guide readers through her revolutionary approach to health.

During our discussion, you'll discover: -How your body converts T4 into T3 and how you can enhance that enzymatic process...[11:45]

-Why cortisol is surprisingly vital to healthy thyroid function, especially for shoving T3 into cells...[14:55]

-What makes the body produce more Reverse T3...[19:55]

-What blood work besides a full thyroid panel is crucial to look at optimal thyroid function...[28:30]

-Why most labs don't test for red blood cell levels of things like selenium, zinc and magnesium, and why this is such a big problem...[29:30]

-The details behind the "iodine controversy" and where you should be getting your iodine...[30:27]

-Dr. Myer's opinion on the use of low-dose naltrexone (and something you'd never want to combine it with)...[40:20]

-Why your genetic "SNP's" are such an important part of detoxification and thyroid health...[48:00]

-What does a "typical day" look like for someone using the Myers Way? [53:50]

-And much more!

Resources from this episode: -The Thyroid Connection: Why You Feel Tired, Brain-Fogged, and Overweight - and How to Get Your Life Back -Everything You Need To Know About Kratom -The Emerald Cove nori Ben uses that is low in heavy metals -23andme genetic testing -The Paleo Autoimmune protocol podcast I recorded 

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