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Sep 11, 2013

For the past 4 days, I've been living in the Rocky Mountain National Park - at above 9000 feet altitude in the depths of the Colorado wilderness. During each of those days, I took a 15-30 minute icy cold plunge into the big mountain lake...

...and there's a very specific reason why - something called "cold thermogenesis" (also known as "CT").

If you don't know what CT is - or why it can help you get massively tougher, burn fat faster, decrease inflammation, boost performance and build cardiovascular endurance, then today's Tim Ferriss Cold Thermogenesis Special Episode is for you.

In this interview, I talk more about the topic of cold and fat loss with Tim Ferriss, and NASA materials engineer Ray Cronise.In this episode, we discuss:

-Why weight loss experts are wrong when they say that “calories in=calories out” is the weight loss equation….

-What type of self-experiments Tim conducted to see whether changes in body temperature can result in weight loss…

-Exactly how your biology responds to cold, and what it means for your rapid fat loss…

-What to eat before cold exposure to make you lose even more fat, faster…

-Practical ways to get instant cold exposure for weight loss…

-The future of research and experimentation in cold exposure and fat loss…

Due to the fact that I'm off to London this week to speak at the Global Triathlon Conference and do a Primality workshop with Darryl Edwards, we dug this extremely popular podcast episode out of our archives. If you want more resources on cold thermogenesis, then you're in luck. In addition to today's podcast, I'd highly recommend you check out the following:

-The DeSoto Arm Coolers I'll be sporting during Ironman Hawaii this year

-Tim's 4 Hour Body book

-What Is A Body Cooling Device, and Does It Actually Work?

-How You Can Use Cold Thermogenesis To Perform Like Lance Armstrong And Michael Phelps

-Tips For Burning More Fat With Cold Thermogenesis (And Why Icing Really Does Work)

-The BenGreenfieldFitness Premium content, which features an absolutely mind-blowing 1 hour cold thermogenesis lecture and slides by Ray Cronise

Question, comments or feedback about cold thermogenesis? Have you tried cold thermogenesis? If so, what have you found successful? Leave your thoughts at