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Sep 30, 2021

My guests on today's podcast—Lauren Berlingeri and Katie Kaps—are two female entrepreneurs who came together to change the spa industry with revolutionary infrared light technology. Their company HigherDOSE is a new kind of spa that uses the power of light therapy to improve your health and mood. HigherDOSE goes a step beyond traditional self-care with offerings designed to transform your body, mind, and inner alchemy. By merging the beauty and wellness industry with powerful biohacking technologies, they have broken through to supercharge at-home wellness. Their products (which include an Infrared Sauna Blanket and PEMF Mat) are designed to naturally stoke a healthy DOSE of your brain’s feel-good chemicals (dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins).

Lauren Berlingeri began as a renowned nutritionist, health coach, and host of the popular viral series Woman vs. Workout when she discovered the power of infrared saunas to help boost mood and recover from her intense exercise challenges.

Katie Kaps met Lauren while at a detox center in NYC. Katie is a former investment banker at Merrill Lynch and International Employee of the Year at Tough Mudder. She had just started pursuing her passion for consulting for health and wellness companies when she met Lauren. When she heard about Lauren's plan to bring a natural high to people through infrared sauna technology, she was hooked.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-History of the HigherDOSE name...

-The most common uses of a sauna blanket...

-How crystals impact the efficacy of the Higher Dose PEMF mat...


-The benefits of dry skin brushing while in the sauna...

-Differences in the biohacking field for women and men...

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