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Jul 27, 2016

Quick question: when was the last time you listened to music? Or white noise? Or “binaural beats”? Or any other form of audio?

And did you ever give any thought to the frequency of the actual wavelengths of sound contained within that audio? Until recently, I didn’t. I had no clue that frequencies of sound, frequencies of music, and even the frequencies of the piano that my kids practice each day or the guitar and ukelele that I practice each day can actually affect cognitive function, heart health, liver, kidneys, digestion, libido, mood and much, much more.

But at a recent health summit, someone handed me a book called “The Sound Of Healing”, written by author Michael Tyrrell…along with a handful of CD’s that Michael had recorded. These CD’s, called "Wholetones" are described as music that "heals, repairs, and protects against disease." So, skeptical but curious, I sat down and read the entire Sound Of Healing book, and I began occasionally listening to the CD’s while driving, while getting a massage, while sitting in my sauna, etc. Every time I finished a CD, I had such a unique feeling of elation and satisfaction after listening, I downloaded a digital tuning app and retuned my guitar and my ukelele to the “frequencies” Michael described in the book. This may all seem a bit “woo-woo”, but it made a huge difference in the ability of a song to make me feel uplifted and full of positive energy as I played it.

I managed to get Michael on today’s podcast, and during our discussion you’ll discover:

-Why the music and sound you listen to every day is not tuned the right way and can actually be destroying organ function... -How sound frequencies affect the human body, water, plants and more... -How to "re-tune" music and sound to heal organs and provide therapy to the body... -How to combine light and sound to de-stress your body... -Why digital sound from CD's and mp3's are not as good as analog sound from things like vinyl albums, and what you can do about it if you don't want to buy a vinyl record turntable... -The best way to use the sound to heal your body and to target specific organ systems... -What Michael thinks about the use of tuning forks as vibrational sound therapy... -How can a musician "re-tune" their instrument to the correct frequency... -And much more...

Resources from this episode: -The WholeTones Healing CD's -The Sound Of Healing book -Digital tuning device -The fluoride "deception" conspiracy podcast I recorded -The Biomat device -Royal Rife -DETA electromagnetic bioresonance devices -DELTASleeper device -Earthpulse device -SADIE recording software -Tuning the Human Biofield book (tuning fork therapy)

Do you have questions, comments or feedback for Michael or me? Leave your thoughts at and one of us will reply.