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Sep 19, 2019

Gary Greenfield is... father...

...a leading expert in the field of water filtration...

...and a deep well of knowledge I've relied upon for the past 37 years of my life.

He's also, obviously, responsible for my very existence.

During this episode, you're going to discover more about the man who made me who I am, along with how structured water works, the best way to filter your water, why you should quit caring so much about what other people think about your health habits, and much, much more.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-Gary's early life and childhood [7:45]

  • Started in Miami
  • Father and uncle were successful entrepreneurs in the motivational speaking industry
  • His father invested time in his children
  • Athletic, but no interest in competitive sports
  • Brother was killed in gang fight at age 17 (turning point for him)
  • Began oceanography studies and excelled at it
  • 3 years after brother's death, moved to Idaho for a fresh start (age 20)

-How Gary "found God" shortly before moving to Idaho [18:00]

  • Was intrigued by the phrase "God's country" on a brochure for Idaho
  • Went to spirituality conventions; left feeling empty at each booth
  • "We yearn for God because God created us"
  • Met a community of Christians his age once moving to Idaho
  • Became volunteer fireman in Moscow, ID
  • Became full-time fireman in Lewiston, ID (where Ben was born)
  • Ben shows similarities in physical genetics between him and his father

-The transition from full-time fireman to entrepreneur [26:35]

  • Three words: Efficiency, effectiveness, economy (didn't see this working for the local government)
  • Began ambulance service (non-emergency transport) and it grew fairly rapidly
  • Ran into resistance and opposition when he tried to expand into emergency services
  • Vast majority of funding came from medicaid and medicare (more bureaucracy)
  • After growing tired of dealing with government bureaucracy, Gary founded a coffee shop

-The business Gary founded after leaving his successful medical transport business [38:40]

  • He and his wife had discussed having a coffee shop as a hobby
  • Enlisted his children to help out with running the business
  • Ran the coffee shop 1997-2007
  • Was the first exposure to the nutrition/water filtration world (but still on standard American diet)

-How Gary became interested in nutrition [50:15]

  • In 2005, met a girl who's mom was cured of cancer on raw food diet (watershed moment)
  • Book: The Dietary Cure For Acne by Loren Cordain
  • Raw food, general nutrition, essential oils, oregano
  • Kion Oregano Oil

-How God's love is manifested through water [55:40]

-The parable of the people of the wood [1:27:45]

-And much more!

Resources from this episode:

- Greenfield Naturals Water Filters & Harmonizers we discuss on show (use code BEN15 for 15% off)

- Zig Ziglar

- Book: Blue Mind by Wallace J. Nichols

- Kion Oregano

- Book: The Dietary Cure For Acne by Loren Cordain

- Viktor Schauberger

- Podcast on Water & Water Filtration: Everything You Need To Know About Water Filters, Alkaline Water, Structured Water, Hydrogen-Rich Water, Deuterium-Depleted Water & Much More!

- Essential Oil Wizardry

- My interview with Dr. Gerald Pollack

- My interview with Dr. Thomas Cowan on water and how the heart is not a pump

- Book: The Body Electric by Robert Becker

- Video: Virgil Klunder on Gratitude

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