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Dec 31, 2022

I've been podcasting twice a week now for many years. The result is several hundred episodes of content that, taken together, are a virtual library of in-depth information on topics ranging from those as specific as the best mattresses to as vast as spirituality.

As we are now only hours away from 2023, I'm looking back on the past year of podcasting with fondness. The scientists, CEOs, doctors, and many others who appeared on the show this year have taught me way more than I ever could have anticipated. When my team and I decided to do this final episode of 2022, featuring what we've decided to call the top podcasts of the year, I could not pick favorites. The episodes here, instead, are those that you listened to most. We've taken them down in length so that you can hear the highlights of each episode over the course of a single episode that is around an hour and a half long. Then, of course, if you want more, we've linked to the original podcast so you can listen to the entire episode.

Thank you, sincerely for your support of my podcast this past year. I can't wait for you to hear what's in store for 2023, with even more high-quality discussion, educational content, personal stories, and even music and entertainment.

Full Shownotes:

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